ABC Story: Bird’s Nest in Winter
1 March 2010
March 9: Public Lecture – Media Pluralism: Threats and Risks
8 March 2010

ABC Project — On Air and Online

What began as an assignment last year for adjunct Rob McBride’s video production class by students Li Li, Chen Yuanni, and Lorea Solabarrieta has become the first broadcast package for the ABC News project.

The story of Hong Kong expat white collar workers turning to boxing to relieve stress was aired and posted this weekend by American network, ABC News.

It was seen on ABC’s News Now, MTV University USA, and ESPN’s University channels. It was also  sent out through News One to ABC’s 210 local stations across the United States, and it may air on ABC’s Morning News on March 1, New York time.

See it on line at here.

The JMSC’s Director of Broadcasting, Jim Laurie, who worked at ABC for more than 20 years, is delighted.

“Thanks to all in the team who made it possible,” he said. “It is truly a team effort,” he added citing all those who participated: in addition to reporters Solabarrieta, Li and Chen, he thanked the JMSC’s video lecturing, support and editing staff, Ng Ka-ho, Rob McBride and Roy Ching, for their support. “It is truly a team effort.”

The JMSC has joined forces with ABC News in New York to develop an on-campus bureau and an Asian roving reporter scheme. The bureau is now in full swing and the American network has got a queue of stories from the JMSC to broadcast or put online.

Stories produced by JMSC MJs in the pipeline include: Winter Uses of Beijing Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium, by  Li Li, extreme sports in the Philippines by Philippa Stewart and a package on Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao by Deirdre Stewart.

Others in the pipeline and accepted by ABC News New York include: the controversy over cockfighting in the Philippines, genocide education among children in Cambodia, tourism and the threat to Angkor Wat, endangered rivers: the Mekong and the Tongle Sap, and quirky themed restaurants in Hong Kong.