Media Law Project

The Media Law Project is a research and resource centre for journalists, students, academics, media lawyers and others in the communications industry in Hong Kong, mainland China and the region. Understanding media laws, including those pertaining to access to information, media ownership, press freedom, and privacy, is a crucial component of the field of journalism. The project advocates that to report effectively, journalists should have a firm sense of journalistic ethics, but also know their own rights and how to protect themselves from libel.

The project promotes media law education through organizing coursework, seminars, and speakers on topics such as _____. The project also is a resource for researching media law, having produced authoritative textbooks such as Hong Kong Media Law: A Guide for Journalists and Media Professionals, as well as commentary, analyses, and reports on current issues pertaining to media law regionally. Additionally, the project has also organised an international advisory board on media law, partnering with legal practitioners, universities, law faculties and scholars.