Ross Settles

Adjunct Professor

Ross Settles began his career in the 1990’s as a consultant working with Meredith Magazines on new business models and organization. During the years since, he has worked with media companies, large and small, to innovate in today’s rapidly evolving media environment. As both a consultant and media executive, Ross has worked with newsrooms, revenue and product development teams to create the best mix of revenue sources and content needed to reach and satisfy audiences and advertisers.

Most recently, he has focused on the challenges and opportunities presented by the unique Asian media environment. Ross has worked with media to develop sustainable media business models in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Myanmar, as well as in Europe and North America.

Ross was a Honorary Lecturer for three years at the JMSC before joining the faculty as adjunct professor focused on digital media and entrepreneurship at JMSC. A full curriculum vitae is available on LinkedIn.