28 April 2014

Chan Pui King

Honorary Lecturer puikingchan@gmail.com Chan Pui-king is a veteran investigative journalist who also has worked in media management for nearly two decades. She was editor-in-chief of Next Magazine where she helped lead teams on investigative projects involving political, […]
5 April 2014

Eddie Kwok

5 April 2014

AJ Libunao

Lecturer ajlibunao@gmail.com AJ Libunao is an American multimedia producer based in Hong Kong. His work has been published by organizations such as Asia Sentinel, Yahoo! News, South China Morning Post, Wiener Zeitung and The Caravan. He produces […]
29 March 2014

William Chang

William Chang brings to the position extensive experience in career coaching, training, and development, as well as years of hands-on work as a journalist. His previous positions include recruiting for The Associated Press and helping train journalists […]
29 March 2014

Phoebe Peng

28 March 2014

Gerry Doyle

Honorary Lecturer gerrydoyle@gmail.com Gerry Doyle is the Assistant Business Editor for Asia at the International New York Times and has worked as a journalist for nearly 20 years in the United States, the Middle East, and Hong […]
5 March 2014

Kitty Lam

5 March 2014

Anne Kruger

Principal Investigator of the Cyber News Verification Lab and Adjunct Assistant Professor akruger@hku.hk Anne Kruger was a daily Business News Update Presenter and World News fill-in Anchor at CNN International, and Anchor and Senior Reporter […]