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12 March 2021
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17 December 2021

Mick Deane Scholarship announcement

Eight years have passed since TV journalist Mick Deane was killed by a sniper’s bullet while covering anti-coup protests in Egypt.

In Mick’s honour, his friends at Asia Pacific Vision and HKU Journalism established the Mick Deane Scholarship for Video Journalism, granted each year to the student who best exemplifies Mick’s spirit.  Someone who wants to excel at video or broadcast journalism but is also generous by nature. Someone who shares information with others and has the potential to be a teacher and mentor.

Since its inauguration in 2015, the scholarship has helped seven young creators kickstart their careers in video journalism. Their testimony is included in the video shared above.

Mick Deane (left) in Tiananmen Square, 1989

Now, in order to give the next generation of students the same opportunity to continue Mick’s legacy, we need your support.

We are aiming to raise at least US$15,000 by December 2021. This is a relatively small amount that will nonetheless provide a welcome lift to promising students over the next five years.

We hope we can count on your contribution to his memory.


Donations to the Fund

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