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28 February 2017
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28 February 2017

Food production and permaculture at Sangwoodgoon

By Chenyu Liang

Eating well is vital to your health, as it says on the HK government website.

The Food Pyramid initiated by Central Health Education Unit under the Government of HKSAR, suggests HK residents eat more fruits and vegetables.

However, in modern society, chemical contaminants occur in our food from various sources which raise health concerns.

There is a growing community in Hong Kong that are looking to buy organic vegetables and fruits. Farmers who grow food organically don’t use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In Sangwoodgoon, an organic farm located at New Territories, farmers adopt a method called permaculture, which is a set of design principles applicable to food production, land use, and community design.

This method seeks the creation of productive and sustainable ways of living using processes observed in nature in order to minimize our environmental impact.

James Lam, a part-time farmer at Sangwoodgoon, talked with a few HKU students about their ideas to grow food that benefit both humans’ health and the environment.

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