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Venus Yiu describes herself as a ‘slash’—the new term for someone pursuing multiple career paths at the same time. As well as being a singer-songwriter in Hong Kong, Yiu has also been working in the PR and media industry for over five years, and has now just finished her first semester as a Master of Journalism (MJ) student at the JMSC.

‘Journalism provides me with fresh perspectives on how to explore the world and helps me find presence in order to be a better storyteller in my music,’ said Yiu, who has released two albums—with a third on the way—and held multiple concerts in the city since 2009.

Yiu being interviewed for local TV station TVB after a concert in May this year

‘People might not think music and journalism have a lot in common, but they are both about observing and connecting with people.’

A BSocSc graduate of HKU majoring in Government and Laws, Yiu’s interest in current affairs led her to apply for the MJ programme and pursue a new career in journalism with a view to gaining more understanding of the world and additional inspiration for her artistic creation.

‘Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone’s story has the potential to connect with others. People are able to empathise the most with ordinary, everyday stories related to what is happening around them—journalism is about telling these stories and so is music,’ Yiu said.

‘I think the most important thing is that we admire the beauty in everyone—I want to tell interesting stories, whether that’s as a songwriter and singer, or as a journalist.’

Whilst completing her MJ degree, Yiu is continuing to perform around Hong Kong, maintain several social media pages and work as a PR and marketing consultant, as well as being a professional coach for English writing and speech.

She also emcees at corporate events and conferences, with Honda and Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation being amongst recent clients.

Yiu said that another reason for joining the MJ programme was to refresh her skills and knowledge of the latest digital equipment, tools and platforms, in addition to brushing up her writing skills.

Yiu says that the MJ programme is helping her to understand the production process from behind the camera, as well as from in front of it

‘During the first semester, the video and photojournalism courses have given me wider knowledge and understanding on how to look at everything from in front of the camera as an artist to behind it, as a journalist or reporter. It is so fulfilling to be able to participate all along the process,’ she said.

Yiu is editor for Hong Kong lifestyle publication ECDay Magazine and a host for Cantonese online radio programme Forever 28. She was previously an anchor for local bus television channel Roadshow TV and has also appeared in television shows and films such as Frozen alongside Leon Lai. She also performs in musical drama and theatre. Her albums include In search of love (2011) and Forever 28 (2016).

Visit Yiu’s website here and her blog here. Follow Yiu on Facebook here and Twitter here.

The application period to join the Master of Journalism programme for the 2017‒18 academic year is now open. To learn more, click here.

Music video for Yiu’s song So-called love (2014)