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3 November 2016
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18 November 2016

JMSC signs agreement with AFP to boost internships, industry talks, and the translation of ethical guidelines

The JMSC and Agence France-Presse (AFP) have signed an agreement to cooperate on areas such as student internships, talks by media professionals and the translation of ethical guidelines.

The agreement was signed at AFP’s Hong Kong office on 4 November between Keith Richburg, JMSC director, and Philippe Massonnet, AFP Asia-Pacific director.

JMSC students will now have more opportunities to intern at the news agency, use its video footage in broadcast news production projects, and hear from experienced AFP journalists in industry talks.

‘AFP has an international reputation for journalistic excellence, particularly so here in Asia, so I’m excited about this new partnership that will give JMSC students access to AFP journalists, the chance to use AFP video while learning TV production skills, and the opportunity to work as interns in bureaux,’ said Keith Richburg.

‘We are also very excited to assist in publishing AFP’s code of ethical standards into Chinese, which we believe will make a long lasting impact on journalism,’ Richburg added.

Under the agreement, the JMSC will translate and publish simplified and traditional Chinese versions of the set of ethical guidelines for journalists—Editorial Standards and Best Practices—which AFP published in English, French and Spanish earlier this year.

‘AFP is proud of this partnership with Hong Kong University, which has some of the most outstanding journalist graduates in the Asia-Pacific region’, said Philippe Massonnet.

‘At a time when the world of journalism is suffering economically and is trying to reinvent itself in an increasingly disrupted media environment, it is more important than ever that news professionals and journalism schools collaborate closely to promote quality, innovative and borderless journalism.’

AFP is a global news agency with 2,326 staff spread across almost every country in the world, providing news coverage 24 hours a day in six languages.

Read the press release from AFP here.