Jane Li
25 October 2015
Kevin Dharmawan
26 October 2015

Joyce Liu

MJ 2015, Joyce Liu, Video Producer/ Camera Operator, BBC News Beijing

“Studying at the JMSC was the best time of my life. I got a better understanding of democracy and justice, and became more determined to be a journalist.

At the JMSC, I honed my filming and video editing skills, and learned how to discover and produce human-interest stories and documentaries.

My internship at an Indonesian TV station made me more tenacious. It was like a crash course that taught me how to explore and produce video news stories when I was still very new to a foreign country.

My classmates came from different countries and had diverse backgrounds. They gave me inspiration, fresh views and courage. We’ve become very close friends, and we’re going to help each other in our career paths, no matter how harsh the environment is.”