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26 November 2014
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JMSC undergrads win scores of University scholarships and prizes

JMSC bachelor of journalism students took home more than 75 individual University of Hong Kong awards and scholarships at the 2013/14 Social Sciences Faculty Student Presentation Ceremony on November 15.

“This event is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the tremendous achievements of our very talented undergraduates,” Jeffrey Timmermans, Director of the JMSC’s Bachelor of Journalism programme, said during the ceremony at The University of Hong Kong’s Loke Yew Hall.

Among the award winners were five students who made the Deans’ Honours List in 2014, including Liu Yujing, Allison Bettin, Wong Shing Leung, Livia Yap and Ye Yuan.

Eight students received Evergreen Scholarships for student enrichment and nine received Reaching Out Awards.  Chen Yaijiao was awarded a CV Starr Scholarship and Yi Sizhao received an Eileen Chang Memorial Scholarship for outstanding students from China or Taiwan.

Timmermans, who presented the undergraduate journalism students with their awards, said the future success of the prize-winners was already starting to show, with many of the students not able to attend the ceremony due to their new work commitments.

“Many of last year’s awardees have already gone on to pursue careers in journalism as well as public relations and government,” he said. “It further demonstrates the success and talent of the students and the hard work they put into completing their studies.”