In the New Media Good Journalism and Experts Will Be in Demand
21 February 2014
JMSC Students Learn Their Trade in Internships Across the Region
4 March 2014

Journalism jobs abound for those prepared, says new JMSC advisor


For journalism students worried about finding jobs in a changing media environment after graduation, the words of William Chang should bring some comfort.

There are lots of opportunities out there for today’s journalism students, especially in Asia, says Chang, who recently joined the Journalism and Media Studies Centre as its Internships and Alumni Coordinator.

“With non-traditional opportunities in new media and with niche news organizations, the number of jobs out there is growing,” he says. But he adds a caveat: “Those heading for graduation need to be ahead of the curve in terms of technology, not only in news gathering but in how the business works, because the economic models of journalism are rapidly changing.”

Chang brings to the position extensive experience in career coaching, training, and development, as well as years of hands-on work as a journalist.

His previous positions include recruiting for The Associated Press and helping train journalists and students for the Asian American Journalists Association, the American Society of Newspaper Editors, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, and the Native American Journalists Association. He was also director of career services at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and an adjunct at Columbia University.

As a journalist, Chang worked for The Associated Press, Newsday Direct, The Cincinnati Enquirer, and The News-Sentinel. He began his journalism career as an intern at United Press International.

However, the world of journalism has changed since Chang was out looking for a job.  “The nature of job hunting is also different today,” he says, “so you need to create your own personal brand, through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Social media skills are definitely a plus nowadays, but it goes beyond just tweeting your latest story.”

Learn as many tools of the trade as possible while at the JMSC, he advises. “Being able to work independently and having the skills to do everything are qualifications that many employers seek.”