JMSC Professor Wins Fellowship for Trauma Journalism
23 September 2012
Sept 28: Talk – Pulitzer Prize winning Afghan Photojournalist Massoud Hossaini
25 September 2012

Sept 28: Career Talk – Digital Entrepreneurship for Journalists

JMSC alumnus and member of member of the Emerging Businesses Team for Microsoft‘s Developer and Platform Evangelism Division, Douglas Crets, will deliver a talk about digital entrepreneurship for journalists at the JMSC on Friday, September 28.

Douglas Crets

Journalists are savvy researchers, media analysts, interviewers and communicators — all skills that are in demand in the digital realm. Crets has used all these skills to develop a career as a reporter, media researcher, social strategist, and digital network builder.

He’s worked for The Standard in Hong Kong, think tanks, lobbying groups and startups in the U.S., been a social media consultant, and now supports startups in 125 countries in his role for Microsoft.

Come and hear Crets share his experiences and get his take on digital career opportunities and entrepreneurship for today’s journalists.

Date: Friday, September 28th
Time: 12:30-2pm
Place: KB230, Knowles Building