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11 September 2012
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13 September 2012

HKBN Runs Student Packages

The Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN), one of Hong Kong’s three major cable providers, is running packages produced by JMSC students.

The students made two-to-three-minute TV packages in Cantonese for the network about summer sports and summer sport safety in Hong Kong. The project with HKBN was initiated by the JMSC; the pieces will air throughout the month of September and are part of the JMSC’s experiential learning initiative.

HKBN news controller, Earnest Li; JMSC tutor, Kevin Lau; JMSC student, Chloe Deng (MJ 2012); Junior Producer, Ying Tak Lau; AJ Libunao, JMSC teaching assistant

Four students were involved: Amy Ha, Chloe Deng, Eva Tam and Fong Hui Yi.

“I started helping this series by brainstorming ideas, collecting information and doing research,” said Fong, a first-year Bachelor of Journalism student. “It was hard getting the idea together because the summer features could be done in so many ways and people had different views on how summer should be portrayed.

“It was the first time I have recorded a video interview, not to mention it was outdoors, so it was a bit hectic. The experience made me realise that getting interviews for broadcasting and print are two very different things – you have more to think about with broadcast, like screen angle, framing etc. This project also taught me some technical skills such as how to operate the cameras, how to take good b-rolls and also the impact of shooting angle and frames.”

Kevin Lau, tutor and online media producer at the JMSC, advised the students on the content and production.

“This gave the students a chance to produce work of broadcast quality,” said Lau. “They also had the opportunity to work with Edmund Siu, an external adviser and TV producer, who helped them with tips about shooting, editing and interviewing.”

Below is an interview with Chloe Deng about the students’ experience making the packages.