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March 19: Talk – Alec Ross – Senior Advisor for Innovation to Hillary Clinton

Alec Ross, Senior Advisor for Innovation to U.S.Secretary of State of Hillary Clinton, will deliver a speech titled “21st Century Statecraft: U.S. Diplomacy in a Networked Era” at the University of Hong Kong on Monday, March 19.

Alec Ross

The speech will discuss the impact of the Internet on the conduct of foreign policy, and how the United States government is adapting to the change.

Digital technologies, including the Internet, social media and smartphones, are putting new tools and power into the hands of citizens, creating a world of increasingly interconnected people and communities.  Ross will describe a new United States government strategy called “21st Century Statecraft,” which uses such digital tools to complement traditional foreign policy approaches.

The talk is organised by HKU’s Journalism and Media Studies Centre.

About the speaker:
As the senior advisor for innovation in the Office of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Alec Ross is tasked with exploiting the potential of new technologies in support of the diplomatic and development goals of the United States.

In 2000, Ross and three colleagues co-founded One Economy, a global non-profit organisation that uses innovative approaches to deliver technology and information about education, jobs, health care and other vital issues to low-income people.  During his eight years at One Economy, the organisation grew from a team of four people working in a basement to the world’s largest non-profit organisation deditacted to bridging the digital divide, with programmes on four continents.

Prior to joining the U.S. State Department in 2009, Ross worked on the Obama-Biden presidential transition team, and served as convener for the Obama for America Technology, Media & Telecommunications Policy Committee.

Date: Monday, March 19, 2012
Time: 4-5:30pm
Venue: Wang Gungwu Theatre, Graduate House, The University of Hong Kong (see map)
Registration is required. Please register here and print a copy of your registration confirmation to enter.
Enquiries: Carol Wong at 2219 4416 or