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23 September 2011
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26 September 2011

Ten JMSC Students Selected for the Dean’s Honours List

Ten JMSC students have been honoured on Hong Kong University’s Dean’s List.

The awards are made each year to undergraduates with the highest grade point average (GPA).

Saga McFarland (BJ Year 2)

This year, five second year and three third year undergraduates and two recent graduates made the List.

This is a total of 10 students out of a list of 64 — a very high rate.

The second year students were Saga McFarland, James Chan Kin Sing, Vicky Kung Wing Kei, Chen Ziyou and Chan Yiet Po Elisa Hay Nam.

The third years were Lisa Onland, Temily Tianmay Jaya Gopan and Isak Ladegaard.

Vicky Kung Wing Kei (BJ Year 2)

The graduates honoured were Sheena Yap Kah Yan and See Jie Yi.

“It’s great to feel like a year of hard work has been recognised,” said McFarland, an American.

“The JMSC classes are very hands-on and practical which means you get more than just grades for the hard work you do — you get great experience.”

Sheena Yap (BJ 2011)

“News such as this energises the start of this academic year,” said Vicky Kung Wing Kei, a student from Hong Kong.

“I hope I will be able to keep the momentum up for the following months, with the company of the circle of classmates I have at the JMSC, as well as with the help of professors at JMSC.”

“I’m very surprised and happy to be on the Dean’s Honors List three years in a row,” said Sheena Yap, a graduate from Hong Kong.

“Journalism has shaped me into the person I am today, and aspired me to give voice to the voiceless. The JMSC courses have equipped me with the skills to dig deeper into social issues, and touch people’s hearts with my stories.”

James Chan Kin Sing (BJ Year 2)

“It is a great recognition and encouragement for me,” said James Chan, a second year student from Hong Kong.

“Thanks to the professors at the JMSC who provided me with constant and detailed feedback, this allowed me  to improve myself, especially for my journalistic work.”

The students have been invited to the Faculty’s Prize presentation ceremony on November 12.