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28 July 2011
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16 August 2011

JMSC Scholarship Students Thank Donors

This year, 13 Master of Journalism students received scholarships to help them with their studies at the JMSC.

The scholarships are either full, half or quarter and come from a variety of donors including the South China Morning Post Wah Kiu Yat Po Scholarship Fund, Frank Proctor, the William F. Woo Memorial Journalism Education Fund, the Hong Kong University Graduate Association (HKUGA) Journalism Fund and the JMSC Journalist Grant Scheme.

Two full scholarships have been awarded, three half and eight quarter.

Jo Peng is from Hunan in mainland China.

Jo Peng (MJ 2012)

Peng is a recent graduate who studied English at Southwest University in Chongqing. Her decision to study at the JMSC was influenced by various internships in media companies in China during her four-year degree course.

Peng, who received a JMSC Journalist Grant Scheme scholarship, is grateful for the award.

“Good interpersonal relationships, professional journalistic skills and theories, in depth career experience and job opportunities are what I hope to get out of my year at the JMSC,” she said.

“I am very obliged to my scholarship provider,” Peng said. “It is great of you to give financial supports to us, thank you very much.”

Liu Jiayi is from Nanjing in China.

Liu Jiayi (MJ 2012)

Prior coming to the JMSC, Liu worked part-time as a translator for Maine International Trade Center from America, GZL Travel Service from Guangzhou, Chelsea FC, and Pepsi. He also teaches English as a foreign language.

He interned at Guangdong Television and PICC Property and Casualty Company while studying Foreign Studies at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.

Liu was awarded a William F. Woo Memorial Scholarship.

“It will help me financially for sure,” said Liu. “But the honour means so much more. By studying under such a challenging and vigorous programme, I hope to get a set of comprehensive knowledge of journalism and to be one step closer to my role model, Scott Pelley.”

Alexis Lai is Canadian and has won a South China Morning Post Wah Kiu Yat Po Scholarship.

Alexis Lai (MJ 2012)

She graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies and has been living in Asia since — in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Until recently, she was working at a public relations agency in Hong Kong, running media relations campaigns for a broad range of clients.

Lai hopes to gain practical experience at the JMSC, to build her media production skills and writing portfolio, to meet and learn from professors, outside speakers and other students, and to experiment with different modes of reporting.

Of her scholarship provider she said: “Thank you for recognising the importance of journalistic training and supporting me in moving closer to my dream of cultivating a career as a writer and journalist.”

Sanday Chongo Kabange is from Zambia.

Sanday Chongo Kabange (MJ 2012)

Kabange is already an experienced journalist who has worked in print, online and broadcast media in Africa, covering local and international issues.

He has been awarded a SCMP Wah Kiu Yat Po Journalism Scholarship.

“It will ease the financial burden that has always hindered me from advancing my studies in the past,” said Kabange.

“The scholarship will definitely give me a rare opportunity to be part of the high powered Master of Journalism programme at the JMSC.”

Kabange hopes this year will give him the tools needed to work in the modern media industry and is extremely grateful for the opportunity that the scholarship affords him.

“A simple ‘thank you’ may not be enough but I can tell you that I am delighted, happy and excited for having been awarded the SCMP Wah Kiu Yat Po Journalism Scholarship,” Kabange said.

“As a student from a low income family residing in a developing country, the scholarship indeed befits the whole purpose of capacity enrichment between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’,” he continued. “I am very grateful to my scholarship providers and may they keep supporting underprivileged students with a passion and enthusiasm for journalism development.”

Paola Barisani is Italian.

Paola Barisani (MJ 2012)

She’s the winner of a SCMP Wah Kiu Yat Po Journalism Scholarship.

Before applying to the MJ programme, she worked in communications and freelanced for an Italian regional magazine.

“What I hope to get out of the Master of Journalism year is not only the chance to follow an excellent and exhaustive training program to become a reporter but also the opportunity to share my passion with other students and professionals, learn from their experience and be immersed in a vibrant and extremely motivating environment,” said Barisani.

“At the same time, I hope to gain the advanced multimedia skills and theoretical competencies that will allow me to produce top-notch reports and documentaries for leading news organisations. Finding a job after the master is my main goal. I want to work hard and get the best out of this year. Hopefully the master will help me to pursue a career in the field of journalism at the highest level.”

As well as raising capital for scholarships, the JMSC manages the funds.