Diary of an Internship – Jennifer Jett in Jakarta
17 December 2010
Diary of an Internship Week 2 – Jennifer Jett in Jakarta
20 December 2010

ABC Commissions Two Stories from JMSC News on Campus Team

The JMSC’s ABC News on Campus Team has had two stories commissioned by the American television network, ABC, in New York.

Dan Goodman, MJ 2011, pitched a story on the American indie band, The Flaming Lips, and its visit to Hong Kong, which ABC accepted. Goodman has been working on the story with fellow MJs, Adrian Wong and Richard Schuster.

Katheen Ngai and Lisa Onland filming at the races

The second story that ABC agreed to take is a report on the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Races 2010, the most prestigious annual horse racing event in Hong Kong.

ABC Bureau Chief, Heidi Yeung, pitched the idea, which was worked up by BJ student, Lisa Onland, and two Master’s students, Kathleen Ngai and Carol Zhong. The team followed the only American representative in the race, a horse named Winchester, and used his participation to look closer at American involvement in the international racing scene.

“Our project gave us a lot of great exposure to the media circuit in Hong Kong,” said Lisa Onland. “For the story we had to attend press conferences by the HK Jockey Club, morning training events and get interviews with international jockeys within a very short window of time before they were ushered away by their PR people, so it provided us with good practical experience of how things work out in the professional world.”

Yeung is delighted with the way that the team has gelled so early on.

Heidi Yeung, ABC News on Campus Bureau Chief

“I’ve been really happy with how the team’s worked together,” she said. “There is a mutual support system that has been created. Everyone’s hard work and efforts are recognised by everyone else, and there is great encouragement that comes from all sides. I think, with our drive and enthusiasm, that we will produce many more interesting stories. Everyone on the team has a great attitude and we have wonderful dynamics, so I’m excited to see how we can contribute to ABC News on Campus, and how we will learn from our experiences from being on the team.”