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11 November 2010
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15 November 2010

Ying Chan Gives Career Advice on Commercial Radio

The JMSC’s Director, Professor Ying Chan, appeared on Career Talk on Commercial Radio on Saturday, 13 November at 10:30pm.

Prof Chan on Career Talk

The hour-long show, that transmits in Cantonese, discusses careers paths that students might like to pursue. This week’s subject area was the media.

To Pui Man, a year 7 student, and two hosts of Career Talk, asked Professor Chan a variety of questions on the life and work of a journalist, and for advice on how to become a good journalist.

The questions included what requirements it takes to become a journalist in terms of ability and appearance, what the work-life balance is like for journalists, how journalists cope with the emotional impact of covering tragic and violent news stories, the kind of salary a journalist can expect to receive, and about the ethics involved in being a journalist or editor.

Professor Chan explained the diversity of the media and how people with different skills can do different jobs. She ran through the criteria she looks for in students coming into the JMSC, and encouraged journalists to have a wide array of interests and to study something beyond journalism alone. Chan also told To Pui Man that a journalist should have a comprehensive knowledge about the world and the kind of curiosity and wonder that makes them want to enquire further.

Professor Chan also spoke about the uses of journalism training and explained that the skills gained in journalism training apply to many jobs, because it teaches people to be flexible, responsive and analytical.