ABC On Campus – JMSC Students Report for US Network

JMSC students participating in the ABC News on Campus program

The JMSC became the first non-US institution to develop an online campus to report for US network, ABC news.

Formed in 2009, student journalists have reported from a range of Asian datelines and seen their packages aired online and on air by the international broadcaster.

The team pitches stories about Hong Kong and also from other Asian datelines.

The first package featured white collar workers in Hong Kong who are bankers by day and boxers by night by MJ student (2009-2010) Lorea Solabarrieta.

The year-long project was funded by Hong Kong University and directed by the JMSC’s Director of Broadcasting, Jim Laurie (pictured top right).

Laurie roamed the world as a correspondent for ABC for 21 years and says he covered his most fun stories on the job.

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