Day Three Summary of 2010 International Media Conference at HKU – April 28th, 2010
29 April 2010
MAP course: Documentary Video Production for Beginners
13 May 2010

MAP course: Basic audio recording and editing

Instructor: Angharad Law
Telephone: 6485 9850

Class Meetings and Location

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 19th – 21st July 10am – 1pm Digital Media Lab, JMSC

Course Description

This course explores different forms of audio and how to edit it professionally. It will enable you to be able to record for radio and make podcasts. Students will learn how to use recording equipment, gain good microphone technique and to edit digitally using Adobe Audition 3.0 (industry used). We look at how to turn written stories into good audio stories. By the end of the course you will be able to put together a five-minute news bulletin containing straight reads, a clip and a two-way and have developed a practiced news-reading technique. These skills are all used in the making of podcasts.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you will:
+ Put together a 5 minute news bulletin containing straight reads, a read + clip and a 2-way.
+ Have a basic understanding of Adobe Audition 3
+ Know how to record using portable radio recorders
+ Have practiced news reading
+ Be able to write clear 3 line news stories for radio

Monday 19th July
10am – 11am introduction to course and how to use the recording equipment. Microphone technique. Collecting good sound.
11am – 12am vox pops – recording sound bites and clips (to be completed as homework)
12am – 1pm writing for radio – taking a story and turning it into a 3 line news script

Tuesday 20th July
10am – 11am Adobe audition 3.0 – how to use it.
11am – 12am practice editing with the vox pops and saving properly.
12am – 1pm 2-ways – how to be a reporter in the field. How to anchor.

Wednesday 21st July
10am – 11am More writing – writing a six story bulletin
11am – 12am Newsreading practice.
12am – 1pm Putting it all together including the two-way and clip to make your bulletin.