JMSC Radio Bulletins
25 April 2010
IMC: Mainland Media No Monolith — Hu Shuli, the “most feared woman in China”
27 April 2010

IMC: JMSC Students Produce Live Radio Show

To hear JMSC students’ coverage of the afternoon sessions of the International Media Conference go to: Blogtalkradio.

The show went live on Monday 26th April and Tuesday 27th April from 19:00 – 19:30 and contained JMSC student reports on the afternoon sessions.

Here are the individual student reports that were included in the programme:

Kirti Nandwani’s Pacific update, a look at some of the main issues affecting some of the islands in the region:
[audio:|titles=Kirti Nandwani – Pacific Update]

Joy Zhou’s interview with editor-in-chief of Asia Weekly, Yau Lap Poon about English language versus local language reporting in Asia:
[audio:|titles=Joy Zhou’s Interview with Yau LP]

Oscar Lin’s feature on reporting minorities and indigenous people:
[audio:|titles=Oscar Lin – reporting minorities]

Richard Macauley’s report on Asia’s environmental dilemma:
[audio:|titles=Richard MaCauley- Environmental Upate]

Rebecca Valli’s interview with freelance reporter, Jocelyn Ford:
[audio:|titles=Rebecca Valli iv with Jocelyn Ford]

Joy Zhou’s report on the Future of Hong Kong:
[audio:|titles=Joy Zhou – Future of HK]

Oscar Lin’s report on Regional Architecture, the political and economic issues affecting the region:
[audio:|titles=Oscar Lin – regional architecture]

Richard Macauley’s interview with Shyam Tekwani, Associate Professor, Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies, about reporting conflict:
[audio:|titles=Richard MaCauley – reporting conflict]

Kirti Nandwani, a documentary maker herself, reports on how journalists should cover documentaries:
[audio:|titles=Kirti Nandwani – documentary film]

Richard Macauley’s report on how American media has covered China. It opens with documentary maker, Mike Chinoy:
[audio:|titles=Richard Macauley – assignment China]