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10 February 2010
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18 February 2010

Media Academy for Pros

Fifteen working media professionals have just completed the JMSC’s Online and Video Skills Course which was tailored for members of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Hong Kong.

The JMSC offers courses to outside media professionals and other interested parties as part of its Media Academy for Pros programme.

FCC journos

This recent high-calibre group includes writers, a commissioning editor, a photographer, consultants and a correspondent.

Six classes were offered by JMSC staff Diane Stormont, Cedric Sam, Kevin Lau, Rob McBride and Ka Ho Ng.

Rob and Ka Ho taught basic video editing skills using Final Cut Pro, which is one of the most widely used software programmes in the profession. At the same time, they equipped the students with basic video shooting skills using professional cameras and microphones.

Diane, Cedric and Kevin honed their skills in web design, teaching the fundamentals of software Dreamweaver, the basics functions of WordPress and how to edit audio on Adobe Audition and Audacity.

One of the participants, Robyn Meredith, Senior editor, Asia of the business magazine Forbes said the course had boosted her online confidence.

“It made you get in there and make a blog and webpage and upload photos – all the stuff that all of us have been avoiding because we think it is so techie and we won’t know how to do it. The course forces you online – then you discover it is easy.”

Another student, Hari Kumar, a writer for the SCMP, particulary enjoyed the camera work: “It exposed us to new technology and all the possibilities that opens up.”

Ka Ho Ng was pleased to be able to offer a flexible course for these students.

“One of the key elements of the course was that the participants could pick which element they had learnt as a focus for the final day, be it editing or shooting.”

It’s hoped that the success of this collaboration between the JMSC and the FCC will open doors for future classes with further skills on offer such as documentary making. There are plans to repeat the Online and Video Skills Course for FCC members in May.

An upcoming course on TV Presentation Skills is scheduled for 23 February 2010, applications are now open.

For more information and to apply, please click here.