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4 January 2010
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14 January 2010

Professor Leo Lee inspires students

Nine students who attended the Humanities Now: Perspective Across Cultures lecture series joined lecturer Professor Leo Ou-fan Lee(李歐梵) for an evening of discussion over dinner last Friday.

This event marked a perfect close to Professor Lee’s landmark lecture series at HKU.

Dinner with Leo Lee

Professor Lee is positioned in the centre of the front row

Dinnertime conversation danced across a myriad of topics related to literature and the humanities.

One participant, MA student Xue Hong from the Department of Comparative Literature, who had attended all six of Lee’s lectures, said that the series played to her personal interests: music, movies and literature. She said meeting Professor Lee at over dinner was inspiring.

It was fun to share your thoughts and opinions in such close contact,” Xue said.

Lee said he was reviewing the content of the six lectures and planned to incorporate them into a book in Chinese.

Lee’s Humanities Now: Perspective Across Cultures lecture series was co-organised by HKU’s School of Humanities and the JMSC’s Project for Public Culture, sponsored by MUSE magazine. The lecture series received an overwhelming response with more than a hundred people registering for each session.

It set a standard for discourse on culture and the humanities and a model for knowledge transfer and multi-disciplinary collaboration among departments.

Podcasts of the six lectures can be heard and/or viewed at:

Velentina Ma