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10 October 2009
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10 October 2009

New student intake the most geographically diverse to date

Students admitted to the JMSC for the 2009-10 academic year hail from 20 countries and territories, the most international group to enter the programme since its inception.


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Countries of origin range from Scandinavia to Western Europe, North America to Asia and the Antipodes.

“This underlines the growing attractiveness of the region as a springboard for aspiring young professionals,” Professor Ying Chan, director of the JMSC, said.

Of our new 52 postgraduate (MJ/PDipJ) students, 24 are from Greater China, nine from North America, 11 from Europe and eight from Asia (excluding Greater China).

We have 29 incoming undergraduates reading for a BJ, of which 20 come from Greater China, three are from Europe, two are from Australasia, three come from Northeast and Southeast Asia and one from North America.