The JMSC has developed its research focus in the following areas: media law and ethics, risk and public health communication, digital media and media transformation, open government information, and media pluralism in transitional societies. The JMSC has also developed teaching and training programmes in data journalism and digital media entrepreneurship. With the support of the Open Society Foundations (OSF), the JMSC has also developed expertise in research into China’s media.

1 March 2016


Weiboscope is a Chinese social media data collection and visualisation project. One project objective, among many, is to make censored Sina Weibo posts of a selected group of Chinese microbloggers publicly accessible. Since January 2011, […]
29 February 2016

The Media Law Project

The Media Law Project is a unique research and training programme for journalists, students, academics, media lawyers and others in the communications industry in Hong Kong, mainland China and the region.
26 February 2016

HK Transparency Report

HK Transparency Report promotes government accountability and the protection of personal privacy online by documenting and monitoring the extent to which the Hong Kong government requests user data from Internet Service Providers or demands the removal […]
25 February 2016

Health Risk Communication Programme

The Health Risk Communication Programme is Asia’s premier research institute and training centre for risk communication and health journalism. The programme advocates that communication is one of the most powerful tools for risk assessment, crisis […]
17 April 2014

OpenGov Project

The OpenGov project provides resources, training and use cases in government transparency and accountability. We follow the principle that greater access to government information (OGI) will help create a more informed and better engaged citizenry […]
20 March 2013

The Data Journalism Lab

The Data Journalism Lab is a project in pilot phase at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre. We are breaking new ground at the intersection of technology, design and story-telling. We also break things. For […]