Assistant Professor

Dr. Masato Kajimoto | 鍛治本 正人

Project Leader
Asia Pacific Digital Citizens Project

Twitter: @sociologjourno
Instagram: @sociologjourno
Facebook Page: Asia Pacific Digital Citizens Project

Dr. Masato Kajimoto came to Hong Kong in 2001 to work as an online reporter and “Specials” editor (web producer) for CNN before beginning a career in teaching and research.

Born and raised in Nagoya, Japan, he earned his bachelor’s degree (BA) in English and American literature at Chuo University in Tokyo. He holds a master’s degree (MA) in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia in the U.S.

He obtained a PhD in Sociology from the University of Hong Kong.

As a professional journalist, Masato has written news articles, features and columns in English and in Japanese. As a journalism educator, he has supervised many online projects integrating broadcast and internet technologies.

Multimedia storytelling, news literacy and the roles of social media in journalism are the main focus of his teaching. His current research interest is in the narrative analysis of international news stories and the roles of culture in the coverage.


  • JMSC0101 Principles of Journalism and the News Media (Fall / Spring)
  • JMSC0073 Online Journalism (Fall / Spring)
  • JMSC6091 Online Journalism (Fall)
  • JMSC0026 Independent Study (Fall / Spring)
  • CCGL9023 Internet, Media and Society (Spring)

Supervising projects


  • Summer Institute for News Literacy Fellows in Asia 2014 (Co-instructor), Hong Kong, July-August 2014
  • “HUMS1710 Understanding Visual Storytelling in Journalism: News Photo Literacy in the Digital Age,” Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, Hong Kong, July 2014
  • News Literacy Summer Institute for Teachers (Co-instructor), New York, July 2014
  • “Social Media and News: How to be a discerning news consumer,” IB World Conference, Hong Kong, August 2013
  • Summer Institute for News Literacy Fellows in Asia (Co-instructor), Hong Kong, August 2013
  • “HUMS1712 News Literacy,” Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, Hong Kong, July 2013
  • “News Literacy Goes to Asia,” News Literacy Leaders Conference, New York, May 2013
  • “How to teach social media in journalism education,” N3. New.Now.Next Media Conference, Hong Kong, May 2013
  • “Social media literacy: How to educate future generation of news consumers,” Social media, regulation and freedom of expression: A comparative perspective conference, Hong Kong, May 2013
  • “Online Journalism Workshop for Secondary School Students” (in collaboration with the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education and the Young Post), Hong Kong, October 2012
  • “15 online tools for effective teaching and learning,” CITE Research Symposium, Hong Kong, June 2011
  • “Basic Online Media Skills,” The Media Academy for Professionals at JMSC, Hong Kong, May 2011

Conference Papers

  • “Cultural framing of “heroes” in time of crisis: a comparative analysis of Japanese and Western media, journalistic practice, and audience response,” The Association of Asian Studies Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada, March 2012