3 December 2019

Uli Gaulke

Uli Gaulke Visiting Associate Professor Email: uli.gaulke@gmail.com Uli Gaulke, born in the GDR, is an berlin based author & director of award winning documentaries. He studied directing at the Film University KONRAD WOLF and won […]
30 January 2019

Isaac Fung

Isaac Fung is an infectious disease epidemiologist and mathematical modeler. He is currently an assistant professor of epidemiology at Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health, Georgia Southern University, at Statesboro, Georgia, USA. In 2011-13, he […]
24 July 2018

Ross Settles

Adjunct Professor Ross Settles began his career in the 1990’s as a consultant working with Meredith Magazines on new business models and organization. During the years since, he has worked with media companies, large and […]
23 July 2018

Eva Tam

Honorary Lecturer Eva Tam is an award-winning Canadian video journalist based in Hong Kong. She has over eight years of experience  in producing, filming, editing and motion graphics. Her reporting work took her all over the […]
23 July 2018

Ting Shi

Senior Lecturer Ting Shi is a freelance journalist and media consultant. Previously, she was a senior correspondent with Bloomberg News, mainly covering China’s elite politics, political economy, and foreign relations. She was also China Editor […]
23 July 2018

Diana Jou

Honorary Lecturer Diana Jou is a video journalist and photographer with more than nine years of experience in news production. She worked as a multimedia editor and video journalist at The Wall Street Journal. At […]
8 January 2018

Jane Pong

Honorary Lecturer janepong@hku.hk Jane Pong is a data visualisation journalist at the Financial Times, where she specialises in data-related information graphics. She designs visualisation tools that help the reader in finding patterns and stories in […]
12 September 2017

Tripti Lahiri

Honorary Lecturer Tripti Lahiri is the Asia editor of Quartz in Hong Kong. The bureau is responsible for all of Quartz’s Asia coverage, except India, and focuses on China’s changing economy and role in the world, social and technological change […]