Jing Yang
9 July 2024
Harvey Kong
10 July 2024

Vanesse Chan

BJ 2021, Vanesse Chan, Video Producer, Reuters

“HKU journalism has prepared me for a career in international media. The four-year undergraduate program, which consists of traditional reporting and writing training, and new digital media courses, has given me the tools I need to be an all-rounded journalist in this rapidly changing new landscape where media is facing unprecedented challenges.

My favorite course is Online Journalism, in which students could manage an online news agency and rotate to different roles in the newsroom. By letting students get a touch on various aspects of news operations, this practical exercise helped us explore our interests.

The best part of the program lies in the well-connected internship opportunities which push us to put what we learn in the classroom into practice. In JMSC, we have a full-time career counselor who helps linking students with a diversity of media.

They have honed my journalistic skills and build up my instinct to find great stories of global importance. I would not have been able to accomplish that without the guidance of my inspiring professors!”