Vanesse Chan
10 July 2024
Anne Chan
10 July 2024

Harvey Kong

BJ 2021, Harvey Kong, News Reporter, SCMP

“HKU Journalism has provided me with many opportunities during my time as a student, equipping me with the skills needed to capture the first rough draft of history.

During my time there, I was given the opportunity to work with the Associated Press and Agence France-Presse, which allowed me to cover the 2019 Hong Kong protests among other stories. Through this baptism by fire, I was given the chance to witness and record history as it unfolded, which would not have been possible without the education and opportunities provided by HKU Journalism.

The past few years have been an interesting time to study journalism in Hong Kong, as the city faced protests, pandemic, and political change within the short span of three years. Despite this, I am grateful to my HKU professors, staff and fellow students for equipping me with the necessary skills to forge a career in journalism in these uncertain times.”