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10 July 2024
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10 July 2024

Anne Chan

BJ 2022, Anne Chan, Reporter, RTHK

“My four-year journey at HKU Journalism equipped me with a profound understanding of news reporting skills and concepts through immersive, hands-on experiences.

Despite the pervasive shadow cast by the COVID-19 pandemic during my time there, I am grateful for the cherished memories and friendships I have formed. The professors and teachers were never hesitant to share their wealth of knowledge and experience, consistently offering guidance and support to steer me in the right direction.

The close-knit community comprising staff, alumni, and fellow students at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre provided a sense of proximity and accessibility, ensuring that there was always someone nearby to offer assistance and foster collaboration.”

Anne double majored in Journalism and Economics. She interned at NBC News and freelanced with various newsagents, such as the Hong Kong Economic Journal, during her time at HKU. She is currently a reporter for RTHK. Prior to her role at RTHK, she was a reporter/anchor at ViuTV News.