The Mick Deane Scholarship

Hong Kong Video Agency, APV, has pledged to create a fund for the use of the Journalism and Media Studies Centre of The University of Hong Kong to further the education of future journalists and media professionals.

Mr. Mick Deane was the consummate TV journalist. He knew his story and he knew his equipment. But what separated him from the pack was his generosity. He was competitive but never had a problem sharing story or technical information with others. The Mick Deane Scholarship is for that student who best exemplifies Mr. Deane’s spirit. Somebody who wants to excel at Video/ Broadcast journalism but is also a generous by nature; one who shares information with others and has the potential to be a teacher and mentor.

Awards in 2014/15:
Messmer Lukas Andres

Awards in 2015/16:
Xu Xiaotong
Hall Bridgette
Poo Yee Kai
Yeung Nga Ting
Zhong Wenxin

Awards in 2016/17:
Zhang Hao