Read some of our Master of Journalism alumni stories:

Pavaan Mathema, MJ2013, Managing Editor for in Nepal

Paavan-Mathema,-MJ2013,-Managing-Editor,“A year in Hong Kong at JMSC was an eye-opening experience for me.  At core, I’m a writer and that was all I did while working as a journalist for few years.  But journalism is changing and JMSC’s Master in Journalism programme prepared me for these changes. By the time I was done, I had sharpened my reporting skills and in addition was able to work with photos, videos and infographics.   At JMSC, I realized that my interest is in online and multimedia journalism and picked courses that would help me in these areas. I also had the opportunity to intern with CNN International’s digital team.

Now, I’ve been hired by, the first online news portal in Nepal, as its Managing Editor. I coordinate a team of 15, which includes reporters, video journalists, photographers and web technicians. Since I joined, we’ve launched a redesigned website, improved the quality of the content, and made the site more interactive. We will continue these efforts but our focus is now on elections next month.  As Nepal prepares for polls, our team is preparing to make the site people will come to for reports and updates on election “

Andrew Swift, MJ 2012, Video Producer for Reuters in Hong Kong

_Andrew-Swift,-MJ-2012,-Video-Producer-for-Reuters-in-Hong-Kong“Before coming to the JMSC I had zero journalism experience. Luckily, the JMSC was an intensive training in all areas of journalism, with a keen emphasis on new media. The skills and confidence I received from my year at the JMSC have been vital for me to pursue journalism professionally.”


Xinyan Yu, MJ2012, Producer for BBC in Beijing

Xinyan-Yu-(right),-MJ2012,-Producer-for-BBC-in-Beijing“Before I studied at the JMSC, I thought I wanted to be a text reporter, but my MJ experience opened doors for me to all media platforms. It prepared me with the essential skills for becoming a multimedia journalist, and now I’ve joined the BBC as a producer, providing content for its multiple TV, radio programs as well as websites. My one year at JMSC was an intensive and fruitful one that tapped undiscovered talent in me and pushed me forward onto a wider and more versatile career path.“


Li Shen, MJ2013, Hong Kong Correspondent, Caixin Media

Li-Shen,-MJ2013,-Hong-Kong-Correspondent,-Caixin-Media“As an experienced journalist, JMSC armed me with new media knowledge and documentary film making skills, as I believe it is vital for future journalists to be able to grasp multiple modes of reporting.  I also benefited  from the wide student pool at the JMSC ….We learn from each other, play together as well as share career opportunities. After one year’s study, JMSC really has raised me up and encouraged me to pursue a journalist’s career for a life time. “


Richard Schuster, MJ2011, Communications Manager for Google in Hungary

Richard-Schuster,-MJ2011,-Communications-Manager-for-Google-in-Hungary“I arrived to the JMSC as a Hungarian news producer. Now, 2 years later, I am living my career dream as an aspiring communications professional at Google, one of the most exciting companies in the World. The MJ course gave me the inspiration, the knowledge, the connections and the confidence that allowed me to press to the “refresh” button on my professional life.”


Zhen Jiajia, MJ2013,  Reporter, Mingpao in Hong Kong

Zhen-Jiajia,-Financial-Reporter,-Mingpao,-MJ2013“The one-year study at MJ was amazing, it not just brought me solid technical skills, but also the courage to ask questions, the passion for data mining and a broader vision of the future of journalism……. Recently I have joined Mingpao, one of the most credible and popular Hong Kong newspaper as a Business reporter covering mainland property market. I have found what I have learnt from Financial and Economics Journalism courses were extremely helpful. Luckily, my article was published on the front page of business news only one month after joining Mingpao.”

11 August 2015

Alumni Stories

Read some of our Master of Journalism alumni stories: Pavaan Mathema, MJ2013, Managing Editor for in Nepal “A year in Hong Kong at JMSC was an eye-opening experience for me.  At core, I’m a […]