Darcy Christ

self-portrait in motion - sqDarcy Christ is an Information Architect, Web developer and eLearning specialist.

As a self-described ‘Digital Generalist’, Darcy’s research has spanned many aspects of digital technology. He is the technical lead on the OpenGov Project and the Hong Kong Transparency Report where he works on issues of open government and open data. Much of this is based on his experience of how useful information can be, when placed in the hands of the right people at the right time and in the right way. Technology is daunting for many of us, but for Darcy, it is and has always been a human problem, based in the very principles of communication theory. There’s a reason that after years of working as a web developer, he has found his way to the JMSC, to focus on better ways to uncover and represent the truth.

Before joining the JMSC, he worked as an eLearning Officer in the Faculty of Architecture, HKU. And before arriving in Hong Kong, he was a lead developer for Grist – an online environmental magazine.

He once knew Ancient Greek, and occasionally remembers certain words like ἀπορία, which still inspire him in his interests in education and eLearning.