Corinne Vigniel

Corinne Vigniel photo

Honorary Lecturer

Corinne Vigniel spent three decades in television news, staying at the cutting edge of the massive changes shaking the media industry. She was one of the first fully multiskilled video journalists at Reuters, and is a pioneer of multimedia journalism.

She spent 16 years at Reuters Television reporting on the world’s top stories. Starting at headquarters in London she went on to manage key TV bureaus in West Africa, China and Afghanistan. She worked for four years as Asia Pacific editor for Agence France Presse TV, setting up and managing the international agency’s new video service in 22 countries. She has her own production company in Hong Kong focusing on documentaries, multimedia projects and corporate jobs.

From her early days in the 1980s in China working as part of a team for broadcaster CBS News to seeing mobile phone videos going viral on social media, her career has spanned remarkable changes.

She has a keen interest in China, with an MA Area Studies (Far East) and a BA in Chinese and Social Anthropology from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.