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The Future of Storytelling:
Introducing the Master of Journalism - Documentary Filmmaking

  • First-ever Journalism Master degree dedicated to documentary filmmaking in Asia
  • Pioneering initiative in Hong Kong's media education
  • Equipping aspiring filmmakers with cutting-edge skills and knowledge
  • Intensive one-year programme culminating in professional film projects
  • Benchmarking against Stanford University's prestigious programme which only admits 8 students per year
  • Pilot programme starting from Fall 2024, with an initial number of students admits of 10-15
  • Admission Starts Pending Senate Approval

Nurturing a New Breed of Documentary Professionals

Taught by renowned documentarians and practitioners around the world
Ruby Yang
Oscar Winner
Uli Gaulke
Award-winning Documentarian
Kirsten Johnson
Oscar-nominated Cinematographer
Axel Schneppat
Award-winning Cinematographer
Zhou Hao
Award-winning Documentarian
Katja Dringenberg
Award Winning Editor and Documentarian
Alexander Beyer
Post-Production Specialist
Catherine Chan
Audience Designer

Course Overview

A total of 72 credits, including 4 core courses, 4 elective courses and 1 year-long capstone

Core courses

  • JMSC6085 Documentary Film Appreciation (Fall)
  • JMSC6201 The Art of Non-Fictional Camerawork (Fall)
  • JMSC6100 Documentary Film Production (Spring)
  • JMSC6202 Post-production and Audience Design in Documentary (Spring)
  • JMSC6200 Documentary Filmmaking Capstone (Spring and Summer)


Elective courses

  • JMSC6125 Generative A.I. in Media Applications (Fall)
  • JMSC6130 News Literacy and Digital Factchecking (Fall)
  • JMSC6045 Storytelling for Social Impact (Spring)
  • JMSC6109 Media Law and Ethics (Spring)
  • JMSC6111 Long Form and Feature Writing (Spring)
  • JMSC6128 Public Communication, Campaigns and Engagements (Spring)

Tuition Fee


HKD $290,000




Open to all applicants to the Master of Journalism - Documentary Filmmaking programme, funding 20 awards in various amounts.

Awards will be decided based on academic records, professional experience, and financial need.

Applicants are invited to apply for admission and the scholarship concurrently. Only applicants admitted to the programme will be considered for scholarship awards.

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