HKU Journalism in the news


(11 July) Times Higher Education: Hong Kong universities forge ahead on tough topics (HKU Journalism)

(24 June) The Guardian: ‘Painful farewell’: Hongkongers queue for hours to buy final Apple Daily edition (Keith B. Richburg)

(24 June) The Straits Times: Hong Kong’s Apple Daily to end publication on June 24 following arrests of staff (Keith B. Richburg)

(23 June) Wall Street Journal: Hong Kong’s Apple Daily Newspaper Prints Last Edition as Free-Press Era Ends (Sharron Fast)

(18 June) Agence-France Presse: Hong Kong media reel as security law targets democracy paper’s reporting (Sharron Fast)

(17 June) RTHK News: John Lee’s comments ‘ominous’: journalism lecturer (Sharron Fast)

(11 June) Bloomberg: Hong Kong to Start Censoring Films on National Security Grounds (Keith B. Richburg)

(9 June) Apple Daily: University of Hong Kong town halls heard worries about national security law: scholar (King-wa Fu)

(3 June) VOA News: Is Hong Kong’s Last Pro-Democracy Newspaper Doomed? (Keith B. Richburg)

(18 May) Ming Pao: 報評會沒免責權 執委自言無牙虎 憂遭告誹謗「就住」查失實 一直爭取賦權不果 (In Chinese, Masato Kajimoto)

(17 May) Ming Pao: 官員聲聲假新聞 學者憂立法意在傳媒 半年提13次 林鄭稱研究他國做法 鄧炳強稱關乎國安 (In Chinese, Masato Kajimoto)

(14 May): VOA News: Media Analysts Troubled by Changes at Hong Kong’s Public Broadcaster (Keith B. Richburg)

(13 May) South China Morning Post: Coronavirus: ‘vaccine bubble’ incentives aren’t enough, Hong Kong must get creative to dispel rumours, share facts about jabs, experts say (Masato Kajimoto)

(11 May) First Draft News: Chinese-made vaccines are being subject to misleading narratives (Masato Kajimoto)

(3 May) Radio Free Asia: 【世界新聞自由日】傳利君雅月底離職 港台Youtube頻道大批敏感節目下架 (In Chinese, King-wa Fu)

(2 May) Citizen News: 線上談:長官決定新聞真假 威權社會自由枯萎 (In Chinese, King-wa Fu)

(24 April) South China Morning Post: Who defines ‘fake news’ in Hong Kong, and is a law needed? Calls for legislation spark fears of curbs on media, critics (Masato Kajimoto)

(23 April) The New York Times: Guilty verdict for Hong Kong journalist as media faces ‘frontal assault’ (Keith B. Richburg)

(20 April) HK01: 傅景華憂規管「假新聞」損言論自由:會混淆不實和官方不同意訊息 (In Chinese, King-wa Fu)

(18 April) The Epoch Times: Hong Kong officials, Beijing-backed media threaten to shut Apple Daily newspaper (King-wa Fu)

(16 April) The New York Times: Hong Kong court sentences Jimmy Lai and other pro-democracy leaders to prison (Sharron Fast)

(15 April) The Globe and Mail: Beijing accuses journalists of ‘anti-China propaganda’ as it tries to raise alarm over foreign ‘hostile forces’ (King-wa Fu)

(10 April) AFP Fact Check: Fabricated photo misleads on celebrity support for Xinjiang cotton (Annie Lab)

(10 April) Stand News:【整治港台】《立場》引《公開守則》索港台檢討報告成員名單 商經局拒披露:令港台運作受傷害 (In Chinese, King-wa Fu)

(23 March) Rest of World: A Hong Kong journalist is on trial for using a public database (Sharron Fast)

(22 March) PBS NewsHour: Chinese officials stifle, expel foreign journalists for doing their job (Keith B. Richburg)

(16 March) Bloomberg: Jack Ma’s SCMP joins Hong Kong media groups facing China control (Keith B. Richburg)

(12 March) Bloomberg: How China’s influence is reshaping the landscape of Hong Kong (ANTIELAB Research Data Archive)

(3 March) CBC News: Foreign correspondents in China say harassment, intimidation by authorities ramping up (Keith B. Richburg)

(19 January) Taiwan Fackcheck Center: 【美國國會山莊事件之後】能查or不能查 社群平台的「政治人物豁免令」受挑戰 (In Chinese, Masato Kajimoto)

(19 January) Apple Daily: Hong Kong press club brings back president of the handover year (Keith B. Richburg)

(12 January) Poynter: Researchers say Facebook should allow fact-checkers to fact-check politicians (Masato Kajimoto)



(27 November) The Initium: 香港,亞洲外媒之都的殞落? (In Chinese, Keith B. Richburg)

(26 November) BOOM: Republic TV, FB, WhatsApp, YouTube: What do they have in common? (Masato Kajimoto)

(14 November) Hong Kong Free Press: Fact-checkers under fire as some Hong Kong Trump supporters cry foul over US election (Masato Kajimoto)

(28 October) Radio Free Asia: Hong Kong university appointments spark fears of Chinese Communist Party control (King-wa Fu)

(26 October) Rest of World: Control, Alter, Delete (King-wa Fu)

(22 October) Inkstone: Inkstone Explains: How WeChat censors content for over a billion users (King-wa Fu)

(20 October) The Correspondent: Hong Kong’s National Security Law: Implications for Journalists (Sharron Fast and Keith B. Richburg)

(7 October) Coda: Disinformation from China floods Taiwan’s most popular messaging app (Masato Kajimoto)

(2 October) Hong Kong Free Press: How Hong Kong’s student reporters fear being silenced under new police rules (Keith B. Richburg)

(24 September) Nikkei Asian Review: Hong Kong journalists brace for impact of new police order (Keith B. Richburg)

(23 September) South China Morning Post: How a Chinese network of fake Facebook accounts influenced online debate on South China Sea, US politics (King-wa Fu)

(23 September) South China Morning Post: Seven Hong Kong journalism schools blast police’s media access restrictions, warning of threat to city freedoms

(23 September) Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong police say new journalists definition will aid frontline officers, only select media briefed on change

(23 September) Stand News: 七大專新聞系聯署 指警修改通例損新聞自由 促撤回 (In Chinese)

(9 September) Poynter: Amid National Security Law uncertainty, women journalists in Hong Kong forge ahead (Sharron Fast)

(4 September) CNN: As Hong Kong’s academic year begins, it’s unclear what can legally be said in a classroom — and whether student activism is a thing of the past (Keith B. Richburg)

(2 September) Hong Kong Free Press: University of Hong Kong visa application for Pulitzer-winning journalist prompts long list of ‘unusual’ questions from gov’t (Keith B. Richburg)

(29 August) CitizenNews: 普立茲獎得主一度申請來港教書 入境處50提問刁難 (In Chinese, Keith B. Richburg)

(27 August) Bloomberg QuickTake: The Future of Press Freedom in Hong Kong? (Keith B. Richburg)

(14 August) Brisbane Times: ‘It’s revenge’: Inside the newsroom at the centre of a political purge, (Keith B. Richburg)

(12 August) BBC News: Apple Daily: The Hong Kong newspaper that pushed the boundary, (Keith B. Richburg)

(10 August) RTHK News: ‘Outrageous raid marks end of media freedom in HK’, (Keith B. Richburg)

(10 August) The Atlantic: Hong Kong’s most brazen arrest yet, (Keith B. Richburg)

(7 August) Wall Street Journal: U.S. broadens attack on Chinese internet giants with WeChat order (King-wa Fu)

(29 July) Fortune: HSBC tried to defend itself in China. Internet censors erased the post (King-wa Fu)

(21 July) Associated Press: Hong Kong protesters adapt signs, slogans to skirt new law (King-wa Fu)

(19 July) Agence France-Presse: Hong Kong security law sends jitters through city’s feisty press (Sharron Fast and Keith B. Richburg)

(18 July) CitizenNews: Setting“red lines”or testing the boundaries (Keith B. Richburg)

(17 July) Oriental Daily News: 港區國安法:港大新聞系總監向師生發信 自我審查損新聞自由 (In Chinese, Keith B. Richburg)

(17 July) Stand News: 港大新聞系總監:不因國安法改變 續教學生報道真相 籲勿因恐懼自設紅線 (In Chinese, Keith B. Richburg)

(17 July) Apple Daily:【港版國安法】港大新聞系總監向師生發信 籲無懼「紅線」捍衞真相 (In Chinese, Keith B. Richburg)

(15 Jul) AFP Fact Check: Both clips in this video correspond to Chinese fire service visuals of a December 2019 fire in Shanghai (Annie Lab)

(8 July) Asia Times: HK security law raises press freedom concerns (Sharron Fast and Keith B. Richburg)

(8 July) Nikkei Asian Review: Tech giants face uncertain future in Hong Kong under security law (King-wa Fu)

(7 July) Nikkei Asian Review: Hong Kongers struggle with broad scope of national security law (Keith B. Richburg)

(6 July) Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong security law: journalists and scholars ‘at a loss’ in trying to predict new red lines (Sharron Fast)

(6 July) Reuters: Hong Kong Schools Should Not Provide Material Against New Law, Government Says (King-wa Fu)

(3 July) Vice: In the ‘Spirit of Reciprocity,’ China and the US Trade Jabs Over Media Organizations (Keith B. Richburg)

(20 June) Financial Times: Conspiracy theories flourish as coronavirus resurfaces in China (King-wa Fu)

(18 June) The Washington Post: Video evidence of anti-black discrimination in China over coronavirus fears (Keith B. Richburg)

(17 June) RTHK 3, Backchat: Racism (Keith B. Richburg)

(13 June) CNN: Inventing Tomorrow: Education Evolved (Keith B. Richburg)

(12 June) BBC News: Hong Kong: City of two masks faces a new crisis (King-wa Fu)

(13 May) The Guardian: ‘The stakes are higher’: Hong Kong’s battle lines redrawn for post-Covid protests (Keith B. Richburg)

(1 May) The National: Coronavirus: experts disagree as Donald Trump insists virus came from Wuhan lab (Masato Kajimoto)

(28 April) Abacus: China has a massive 5G network but without the coronavirus conspiracy theories (Masato Kajimoto)

(16 April) Times Higher Education, Online learning shift contends with Chinese internet restrictions (Masato Kajimoto)

(15 April) POWER 98.7, Power Lunch, Why are Africans in China being targeted? (Keith B. Richburg)

(13 April) Al Jazeera, Inside Story: Coronavirus: Why are Africans in China being targeted? (Keith B. Richburg)

(10 April) Agence France-Presse: Asia cracks down on virus ‘fake news’ (Masato Kajimoto)

(9 April) The Washington Post: China’s investigative journalists offer a fraught glimpse behind Beijing’s coronavirus propaganda (King-wa Fu)

(16 March) The Washington Post: Singapore introduced tough laws against fake news. Coronavirus has put them to the test. (Masato Kajimoto)

(9 March) Financial Times: Call for Chinese to thank Xi Jinping for coronavirus effort backfires (King-wa Fu)

(6 March) Nikkei Asian Review: Hong Kong ‘war on humor’ pits public broadcaster versus police (King-wa Fu)

(4 March) Deutsche Welle: Press freedom pays a price in US-China media showdown (Keith B. Richburg)

(21 February) Quartz: Why a Chinese virology lab is unable to quell the coronavirus conspiracy theories around it (Masato Kajimoto)

(10 February) Agence France-Presse: From dead, to alive, to dead again: How China handled virus doctor’s death (King-wa Fu)

(7 February) Fortune: Whistleblower doctor’s death stirs an online rebellion against China’s coronavirus response (King-wa Fu)

(5 February) The New York Times: As China clamps down on negative news, quarantines on land and sea (King-wa Fu)

(5 February) Financial Times: China slams shut its small window for online criticism (King-wa Fu)

(5 February) Abacus: How WeChat and Weibo fight coronavirus fake news (Masato Kajimoto)

(31 January) South China Morning Post: As coronavirus spreads, so do spurious online claims about it in Hong Kong (Masato Kajimoto)