Sharing information is the foundation of teaching and learning. With digital communication becoming the foundation of our education system and root of our economies, we are all faced with the need to communicate well. Effective communication, though, is not easy. Our tools are changing. Our jobs and responsibilities are changing. We all need to seek additional training to improve how we use digital tools and engage our audiences in a timely and meaningful way.

Old models of communication like email, posters, television and even word of mouth are only part of the solution. We need to look to how we communicate and to the Internet and Social Networks, to find new ways to reach more people. Everything must start with a good presentation, whether it is grounded in speech, writing or the digital tools we now use to communicate. Building upon these foundations, and exploring various methods, there are effective and simple ways to improve how you reach the public.

This series is for all HKU Staff, but more specifically communication managers, web masters and other administrators who are tasked with getting the message out. We also know that Academic Staff are tasked with outreach, by developing websites that promote courses and research initiatives. If your job is to communicate with the public, either locally or globally, this series can help you.

Attend one or all of these workshops to learn foundation skills that will increase the effectiveness of your outreach to the HKU community and beyond.

Come listen to Professor Ying Chan, the Director of the JMSC, give a lecture on Digital Communication and Public Engagement. She will explain why these problems are affecting us all. She will also provide more information on the upcoming workshops, as well as answer questions.

RR321 on April 10 from 12:45noon to 2:00pm

Register through HKU Portal.