17 December 2013

Join our Master of Journalism Program Now

The JMSC’s Master of Journalism program takes in between 60 and 70 students a year from a variety of countries and professional backgrounds, and is taught by a faculty of experienced journalists and media scholars. Many JMSC students have come from other professions and have taken the course to embark on new careers in journalism. Graduates have been hired by the world’s leading media organizations, including Bloomberg, CNN, and the Wall Street Journal.
22 November 2013

You develop a critical mind through the studies of Journalism

You learn to be smart. You learn to be a good communicator. You become very knowledgeable in current affairs. And most importantly, you develop a critical mind through the studies of Journalism.
21 November 2013

This is the place to study study Journalism, if you want to cover China

  This is the place to study  Journalism, if you want to cover China. The JMSC really gave me the skills to do in-depth investigative journalism in China. It was Ying Chan’s Covering China class. […]
21 November 2013

JMSC Research Seminar: Challenging official propaganda? Public opinion leaders on Sina Weibo

This is a public lecture on the work of Dr. Joyce Nip, who focused on the exposure of a series of corrupt officials on Sina Weibo after the 18th Party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party in 2012, and examines the social positions of opinion leaders in these cases. The relative roles of official agencies, mainstream news media and citizens are discussed in public opinion formation in these cases.
8 November 2013

Worldwide Group of Media Law Experts Gathers at HKU to Discuss Challenges of the Digital Age

The Internet is going to require new legal approaches to media law, because the old approaches, rooted in traditional law, are being made obsolete by the digital age, a legal expert predicted at a recent conference at The University of Hong Kong.
28 October 2013

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25 October 2013

It’s Not Just About Gathering News Anymore: the Legal Complexities of the Digital Age

“We’ve been sued in Greece, Italy, France, and Zimbabwe, and we’ve been threatened in Pakistan and other countries,” said Gill Phillips, the director of editorial legal services at Britain’s the Guardian News and Media.
22 October 2013

The Two Sides of China (中國的AB面)

Public Lecture by Bai Yansong (白岩松), news commentator, anchor and journalist for China Central Television (CCTV).