Selected work by JMSC authors


(6 December) The Economist 1843: Writing on the wall: a tour of Hong Kong’s protest graffiti, by Eduardo Baptista (MJ 2020)

(2 December) The Strategist: Beijing needs to change tack in wake of Hong Kong elections, by Keith B. Richburg

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(29 October) Quartz: Students in Hong Kong used fax machines to fight Chinese censorship of Tiananmen Square, by King-wa Fu

(9 October) Inkstone: Why some Hongkongers are taking their chances with the mob, by Robin Hibberd (MJ 2020)

(5 September) U.S. News & World Report: China’s halting leap forward with childhood cancer care, by Ting Shi

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(2 September) The Strategist: Bringing Hong Kong back from the brink, by Keith B. Richburg

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(14 August) The Washington Post: The Hong Kong protests are the inevitable effect of an impossible system, by Keith B. Richburg

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(21 June) Washington Post: Five myths about Hong Kong, by Keith B. Richburg

(20 June) The Strategist: The fight for Hong Kong, by Keith B. Richburg

(7 June) chinadialogue ocean: China and the global state of fish (Podcast), co-produced by Li-Ting Lin (MJ 2019)

(5 June)  The Independent: ‘They were the hope of China’: Nearly 200,000 people mourn Tiananmen Square massacre, by Erin Hale

(June)  Buses: Old Warhorses: What is the future of Hong Kong’s minibuses?, by Dennis Huang (MJ 2020)

(30 May)  U.S. News & World Report: Across China, Who remembers Tiananmen?by Keith B. Richburg

(29 May)  Nikkei Asian Review: Asia should not bet on Democrats on trade, by Keith B. Richburg

(22 May)  Reuters: Hong Kong activists get asylum in Germany; denounce extradition law, by Jessie Pang (MJ 2019)

(15 May)  AFP Fact Check: No, this photo does not show Trump has started special flights between New York and Mumbai so Indians can vote for Modi, by Supriya Batra (MJ 2019)

(9 May)  AFP Fact Check: No, this is not a photo of Jawaharlal Nehru trying to kiss a woman, by Supriya Batra (MJ 2019)

(2 May)  SupChina: Case of Ethiopian engineer detained in China is raised by PM Abiy Ahmed in meeting with Xi, by Fatima Qureshi (MJ 2019)

(25 April)  Thomson Reuters Foundation: Shunning bad luck, Hong Kong buys into ‘pre-loved’ fashion, by Marianne Bray

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(17 April)  Global Voices: China’s censored histories: Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, co-written by WeChatscope project team

(17 April)  In-media: 【記憶之戰】審查機器下挽救六四記憶 (In Chinese), co-written by WeChatscope project team

(17 April)  AFP Fact Check: No, this is not a real tweet by Indian journalist Sweta Singh in support of Prime Minister Modi, by Supriya Batra (MJ 2019)

(10 April)  Global Voices: Censored on WeChat: How a fatal bus accident in Chongqing symbolized China’s ‘left turn’, by WeChatscope project team

(10 April)  Global Voices: Censored on WeChat: Revelations of toxic ingredients in Hongmao medicinal liquor, by WeChatscope project team

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(9 April)  AFP Fact Check: No, this is not a tweet by Indian businessman Ratan Tata insulting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, by Supriya Batra (MJ 2019)

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(25 March)  Global Voices: Censored on WeChat: #MeToo in China, by WeChatscope project team

(15 March)  Global Voices: Censored on WeChat: the disappearance of Ye Jianming, former chairman of CEFC China Energy, by WeChatscope project team

(11 March)  Goldthread: Inside the Vitasoy Factory, written by Kari Lindberg (MJ 2019)

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(7 March)  Global Voices: Censored on WeChat: Chinese megastar Fan Bingbing’s tax evasion scandal — and her disappearance, by WeChatscope project team

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(1 March)  Global Voices: Censored on WeChat: Huawei, ZTE and ‘Amazing China’, by WeChatscope project team

(18 February)  Global Voices: Censored on WeChat: As tensions in China-US trade conflict rose, so did WeChat censorship, by WeChatscope project team

(16 February)  Rappler: Pinoys invent app to help kids with autism, by Fatima Qureshi (MJ 2019)

(11 February)  Global Voices: Censored on WeChat: A year of content removals on China’s most powerful social media platform, by Marcus Wang (MJ 2019) and Stella Fan (MJ 2019)

(10 February)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Humans – Reality bites as local animal shelter fears for the future, by Amanda Xinyan Peng (MJ 2019)

(9 February)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Humans – The fight to save the city’s last remaining street food stalls, by Lyn Yang (MJ 2019)

(8 February)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Humans – How a mah-jong tile craftsman aims to keep the tradition alive, by Lyn Yang (MJ 2019)

(7 February)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Humans – Why tattoo artists are calling for better industry regulation, by Rachel Yan (MJ 2019)

(6 February)  Thomson Reuters Foundation: ‘Water from air’ aims to turn back Thailand’s tide of plastic, by Marianne Bray

(6 February)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Humans – Is Hong Kong independence a cause worth dying for?, by David Missal (MJ 2019)

(5 February)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Humans – Hong Kong’s Falun Gong turf war, by David Missal (MJ 2019)

(4 February)  VICE: Hong Kong court refuses to recognize transgender men on national identity cards, by Kari Lindberg (MJ 2019)

(4 February)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Humans: Meet Wong Wing-bon – guardian to 10,000 abandoned Gods, by Marcus Wang (MJ 2019)

(3 February)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Humans – The selfie ‘rooftoppers’ risking it all… despite recent tragedies, by Zhou Wenxuan (MJ 2019)

(2 February)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Humans – LGBT+ choir The Harmonics offers a positive voice for equality, by Ruby Ye (MJ 2019)

(2 February)  South China Morning Post: In Hong Kong, we see Pakistan-India hatred for what it is, by Supriya Batra (MJ 2019)

(1 February)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Humans – The students scaling new heights… on Beacon Hill, by Ruixue Zhang (MJ 2019)

(25 January)  Nepali Times: Why Nepalis are learning Mandarin, and Chinese are learning Nepali, by Ruixue Zhang (MJ 2019)

(24 January)  TIME: The monk who taught the world mindfulness awaits the end of this life, with reporting by Supriya Batra (MJ 2019)

(23 January)  Reuters: Hong Kong moves to make disrespecting Chinese national anthem a crime, by Jessie Pang (MJ 2019)

(15 January)  Rappler: Facing persecution at home, Ahmadiyya Muslims find refuge in Manila, by Fatima Qureshi (MJ 2019)

(14 January)  AFP Fact Check: No, this is not a video showing Pakistan’s military power, by Rachel Yan (MJ 2019)

(12 January)  South China Morning Post: Is it possible to live off-grid in Hong Kong? ‘Yeah Man’ grows his own plants, makes fire with sticks and is raising his two-year-old son closer to nature, by Ivanka Lou (MJ 2019)

(10 January)  CNN: Dozens of ‘decorated’ birds found dead in New Zealand, by Lisa Jane Harding (MJ 2019)

(9 January)  CNN: Australian senator says government should pay welfare recipients to kill cane toads, by Lisa Jane Harding (MJ 2019)

(8 January)  AFP Fact Check: No, this is not a photo of Christians killed by Muslim terrorists in Nigeria, by Rachel Yan (MJ 2019)

(7 January)  Caixin Weekly: 前瞻|英议会再辩脱欧 (In Chinese), by Yanjun Cao (MJ 2019)

(7 January)  FTChinese: 从故宫“宫斗”看博物馆的生意经 (In Chinese), by Yixin Qu (MJ 2019)

(7 January)  Quartz: A Saudi teen fought her deportation from Thailand back to a family she says she fears, by Brandon Johnson (MJ 2019)

(7 January)  TIME: Thousands stung after sudden surge of jellyfish on beaches in Australia, by Supriya Batra (MJ 2019)

(4 January)  Nepali Times: Hiking up the benefits of tourism, by Sangmin Kim (MJ 2019)

(1 January)  Initium Media: 審查面紗下的大國形象:2018年被微信刪掉的十條新聞 (In Chinese), by Marcus Wang (MJ 2019) and Stella Fan (MJ 2019)

(1 January)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Humans – The pigeon protectors defying public disdain and the law, by Li-Ting Lin (MJ 2019)

(January)  HK Alliance Newsletter: 無法無天之下的無法無天—— 評中國社會信用體系 (In Chinese), by Regina Chung and King-wa Fu


(31 December)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Humans – Young Hongkongers seek answers from Temple Street’s fortune-tellers, by Marcus Wang (MJ 2019)

(31 December)  South China Morning Post: Hong Kong welcomes 2019 with 340,000 revellers lining Victoria Harbour for HK$14 million fireworks and light show, co-written by Ivanka Lou (MJ 2019) and Fiona Sun (MJ 2019)

(30 December)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Humans – As artists and as customers, local women embrace body art, by Elise Xia (MJ 2019)

(29 December)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Humans – Volleying for change in local women’s sport, by Elise Xia (MJ 2019)

(28 December)  CNN: Sudan: 19 dead as violent protests continue for 10th day, with reporting by Adeng Koriom (MJ 2019)

(28 December)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Humans – Transforming the ashes of loved ones into glasswork and jewellery, by Sophie Li (MJ 2019)

(28 December)  Nepali Times: The Chinese are coming, by Ruixue Zhang (MJ 2019)

(28 December)  Quartz: From Asia to Africa, China’s “debt-trap diplomacy” was under siege in 2018, by Kari Lindberg (MJ 2019) and Tripti Lahiri

(27 December)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Humans – Forced to leave Discovery Bay, houseboat owners inherit floating liabilities, by Ann Can (MJ 2019)

(27 December)  TIME: This village in India has an unexpected edible source of income, by Supriya Batra (MJ 2019)

(26 December)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Humans – Pole Dancing gains acceptance, but a stigma still remains, by Eleanor Huang (MJ 2019)

(25 December)  FTChinese: 2018年度人物回顾:夹在家与国之间的任正非 (In Chinese), by Yixin Qu (MJ 2019)

(25 December)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Humans – The fastest threading fingers in Hong Kong, by Ruixue Zhang (MJ 2019)

(24 December)  Mizzima: Volunteers gather for Clean Yangon, Green Yangon Project, by Pearlie Li (MJ 2019)

(24 December)  Rappler: ‘End contractualization’: Sumifru workers spend Christmas at protest camp, by Fatima Qureshi (MJ 2019)

(24 December)  Frontier Myanmar: Messages of hope and despair, by Veta Chan (MJ 2019) and Sha Miao (MJ 2019)

(24 December)  Thomson Reuters Foundation: ‘Silent emergency’ as heat risks rise in Hong Kong – and globally, by Marianne Bray

(21 December)  CNN: Petition calls on Disney to drop ‘Hakuna Matata’ trademark, by Adeng Koriom (MJ 2019)

(21 December)  FTChinese: 2018年度人物回顾:“悲情英雄”戴威 (In Chinese), by Wenxuan Zhou (MJ 2019)

(19 December)  Quartz: Why the wives of China’s persecuted human-rights lawyers shaved their heads, by Kari Lindberg (MJ 2019) and Brandon Johnson (MJ 2019)

(18 December)  Mizzima: Documentaries tackle discrimination and hate, by Zita Wu Yu (MJ 2019)

(18 December)  Quartz: China’s censors have leapt the Great Firewall to police tweets, by Kari Lindberg (MJ 2019)

(17 December)  Caixin Weekly: 前瞻|台湾新一届县市长将就职 (In Chinese), by Yanjun Cao (MJ 2019)

(17 December)  Mizzima: Myanmar digital rights films screening held for International Human Rights Day, by Pearlie Li (MJ 2019)

(16 December)  Rappler: Floats with meaningful stories take spotlight at UP Lantern Parade 2018, co-written by Fatima Qureshi (MJ 2019)

(16 December)  Nepali Times: K-Pop in K-Town, by Sangmin Kim (MJ 2019)

(14 December)  Mizzima: Award-winning director calls on men to prevent violence against women, by Graeme Acres (MJ 2019)

(14 December)  Reuters: Hong Kong democracy leaders defiant as landmark trial wraps up, co-written by Jessie Pang (MJ 2019)

(14 December)  South China Morning Post: Breakthrough by Hong Kong students could provide a cheap and easy way for people to tell if they have the flu, by Fiona Sun (MJ 2019)

(13 December)  TIME: Google Doodle celebrates the most spectacular astronomical event of the year, by Supriya Batra (MJ 2019)

(12 December)  CNN: WWF announces discovery of 157 new species in Southeast Asia, by Lisa Jane Harding (MJ 2019)

(12 December)  Mizzima: Art exhibition draws public attention to plastic pollution in waterways, by Kelly Jiawen Le (MJ 2019)

(12 December)  Quartz: Sundar Pichai leaves the door open to Google launching a censored search engine in China, by Brandon Johnson (MJ 2019)

(11 December)  Quartz: Huawei’s CFO makes an unconvincing argument why she won’t flee, by Brandon Johnson (MJ 2019)

(7 December)  Quartz: Why China’s wealthiest generation identifies with the words “dirt-poor” and “ugly”, by Kari Lindberg (MJ 2019)

(7 December)  South China Morning Post: Rise in emergency fees at Hong Kong public hospitals fails to cut queues and waiting times, by Ivanka Lou (MJ 2019)

(4 December). #legend: Banksy’s Dismaland boat sculpture is going for £2, by Renuka Kennedy (MJ 2019)

(4 December)  TIME: You can now turn on scrolling live captions when you make a Skype call, by Supriya Batra (MJ 2019)

(3 December)  The Atlantic: The Blurring Boundaries Between Hong Kong and Mainland China, with reporting by Jessie Pang (MJ 2019)

(2 December)  South China Morning Post: Hong Kong teens aim to break out of poverty through music in concert showcasing talent, by Fiona Sun (MJ 2019)

(29 November)  NBC News: Chinese researcher says he is ‘proud’ of gene-editing twins, with reporting by Bryan Michael Galvan (MJ 2019)

(28 November)  South China Morning Post: Artistic freedom in Hong Kong: self-censorship, culture of fear growing, creatives say, by Bryan Galvan (MJ 2019)

(22 November)  Thomson Reuters Foundation: Pig out? Asia gets a taste of climate-friendly ‘pork’, by Marianne Bray

(17 November)  South China Morning Post: From nuclear fusion to human gene splicing: five Chinese tech innovations that could have a negative impact, by Bryan Galvan (MJ 2019)

(13 November)  Hyperallergic: Political cartoonist threatened by Chinese authorities during “Free Expression Week”, by Kari Lindberg (MJ 2019)

(8 November)  Global Course: Rising Marine Pollution calls for sustainable lifestyle, by Supriya Batra (MJ 2019)

(November)  The Socientist: Are you Media? Tracking China’s We-Media frenzy, by Regina Chung

(10 October)  Nikkei Asian Review: China’s assault on Hong Kong’s freedoms threatens city’s global role, by Keith B. Richburg

(9 October)  Inkstone: It took a while, but ‘The Death of Hong Kong’ has arrived, by Keith B. Richburg

(September)  The Economist Intelligence Unit: Ready for 100? Preparing for longevity in Singapore, by Marianne Bray

(19 September)  Thomson Reuters Foundation: In Hong Kong, disposable fashion gets a recycled makeover, by Marianne Bray

(16 September)  South China Morning Post: On internet censorship, China can tell the US: Told you so, by Keith B. Richburg

(11 September)  Journal of Information Technology & Politics: The “mutual ignoring” mechanism of cyberbalkanization: triangulating observational data analysis and agent-based modeling, by Chung-hong Chan and King-wa Fu

(21 July)  South China Morning Post: Mandela’s legacy lives strong in Asia, but can we say the same for its leaders?, by Keith B. Richburg

(17 June)  South China Morning Post: Admit it: Trump’s Singapore date with Kim made us all safer, by Keith B. Richburg

(11 June)  South China Morning Post: Sleepless in Singapore: Dear Trump, some dos and don’ts for your big date with Kim, by Keith B. Richburg

(10 June)  Hong Kong Free Press: Divided city, divided campus – who can mend the rift between mainland and local students?, by JMSC students

(4 June)  South China Morning Post: How two green schools in Hong Kong are teaching sustainability to children and leading the way in local education community, by Marianne Bray

(31 May)  U.S. News & World Report: Pirates of the Caribbean – and Africa, and Asia, co-written by Kevin Lau

(30 May)  China Daily website (Hong Kong Edition): Building HK with – Bamboo, with contribution by Sida Wang (MJ 2018)

(25 May)  South China Morning Post: Trump Kim talks: the art of no deal, by Keith B. Richburg

(12 May)  South China Morning Post: Why would Kim Jong-un trust Trump now he’s ripped up Iran’s nuclear deal?, by Keith B. Richburg

(7 May)  Ming Pao:「第三者資料」成政府資訊公開最大敵人 (In Chinese), by Benjamin Zhou and King-wa Fu

(6 May)  South China Morning Post: Donald Trump, the Nobel-worthy peacemaker in Korea? It’s not so far-fetched, by Keith B. Richburg

(2 May)  Forbes: This Singapore startup is demonstrating blockchain’s potential in the creative industry, by Martin Choi (BJ 2018)

(28 April)  The Straits Times: In Myanmar, when home is one of world’s biggest opium-producing areas, by Eduard Fernández (MJ 2018)

(25 April)  South China Morning Post: Hong Kong must remain a beacon of freedom of expression as China, and the region, cracks down on critics, by Cliff Buddle

(18 April)  Asia Sentinel: Chinese students increasingly find US a hostile place to study, by Marisa Lee (MJ 2018)

(17 April)  Reuters: Chinese exporters concerned about U.S.-China trade spat – survey, with reporting by Wyman Ma (MJ 2018)

(11 April)  ChinaFile: China’s Communist Party Takes (Even More) Control of the Media, with contribution by Regina Chung and King-wa Fu

(13 April)  Quartz: How I learned to live with a name that’s a constant source of humiliation, by Natalie Lung (BJ 2018)

(7 April)  South China Morning Post: Does Trump even have an endgame in trade war with China?, by Keith B. Richburg

(3 April)   South China Morning Post: Why a safe environment is a human right: Hong Kong groups’ submission to UN on sustainable development, by Marianne Bray

(30 March)  Hong Kong Free Press: A new type of aerial beach yoga… with a Hong Kong twist, by Sida Wang (MJ 2018)

(25 March)   South China Morning Post: Selfies with armed guerillas: holidays in Myanmar off the beaten track, by Eduard Fernández (MJ 2018)

(16 March)  The Washington Post: The dreams, hopes and everyday lives of China’s people, by Keith B. Richburg

(16 March)  Medium: Research on Information Disorder in Asia, by Masato Kajimoto

(14 March)  Poynter: In East and Southeast Asia, misinformation is a visible and growing concern, by Masato Kajimoto

(14 March)  Poynter: A guide to anti-misinformation actions around the world, with reporting by Masato Kajimoto

(10 March)  The Peak: Hong Kong must shut door on illicit trade in antiquities before it can emerge as global art hub, by Eduard Fernández (MJ 2018)

(8 March)  ChinaFile: Weibo Whack-a-Mole: The most-censored events on Chinese social media, by King-wa Fu, Channing Huang (MJ 2017), and Kylin Zhang (MJ 2018)

(5 March)  HK01:【來稿】致特區政府:有關如何推動香港的紀錄片發展建議 (In Chinese, [Contributor] “Letter to the HKSAR Government: Proposals on promoting the development of documentary filmmaking in Hong Kong”), by Ruby Yang

(5 March)  Forbes: First solar, then steel…now soy? China’s move to buy Brazilian soybeans over U.S. could worsen trade tensions, by Marisa Lee (MJ 2018)

(2 March)  South China Morning Post: Someone tell Trump the trade war is over. China won, by Keith B. Richburg

(1 March)  Initium Media:「抱歉,此內容違反了《規定》」──2017年微博審查回顧 (In Chinese), by King-wa Fu and Regina Chung

(18 February)  Hong Kong Free Press: Ming-gor runs a Sham Shui Po restaurant with a difference: profits are not on the menu, by Vincent Wong (HKU undergrad minoring in journalism)

(18 February)  Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Kin-ball heads to the World Cup, but struggles for recognition back home, by Harriet Lai (BJ 2018) and Tina To (BJ 2018)

(11 February)  South China Morning Post: Here’s a lesson from the 1997 stock crash: Don’t panic, by Keith B. Richburg

(4 February)  Hong Kong Free Press: Journalism denied: How China views facts, fairness, transparency and objectivity in reporting, by David Bandurski

(3 February) – South China Morning Post: Why China and Hong Kong must heed America’s immigration debate, by Keith B. Richburg

(31 January) – Small Wars Journal: Buzz Kill, by Kevin Sites

(30 January) – Sixth Tone: Out of her hands: Trials and trauma of a blind masseuse, by Joyce Siu (MJ 2018)

(29 January) – Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong’s wheelchair users face many obstructions – even at the best hotels, by Aung Kaung Myat (MJ 2018)

(27 January)  South China Morning Post: China may crow as US shuts down, but death of the West is greatly exaggerated, by Keith B. Richburg

(27 January)  Hong Kong Free Press: The breadwinner – Why one Hong Kong domestic worker turned to sex work, by Chermaine Lee (MJ 2018)

(26 January)  Reuters: Homeless in Hong Kong: soaring costs fuel housing crisis in Asian financial hub, by Wyman Ma (MJ 2018) and Chermaine Lee (MJ 2018), with reporting by Carmel Yang (MJ 2018)

(25 January)  Quartz: Korea’s new hero is a bespectacled 21-year-old taking on Roger Federer, co-written by Hailey Jo (MJ 2018)

(24 January)  EJ Insight: Why Hongkongers should say MeToo, by Cecilie Wortziger Kristensen (HKU exchange student)

(23 January)  EJ Insight: International schools a poor preparation for college life in HK, by Amanda Har Jia Yi (HKU undergrad minoring in journalism)

(22 January)  EJ Insight: Why Hong Kong is not really a good place to keep pets, by Louise Joachimowski (BJ 2019)

(19-25 January)  Nepali Times: Pad power, by Ziyu Lin (MJ 2018)

(12 January)  Nikkei Asian Review: Trump’s ‘war on media’ reverberates in Asia, by Keith B. Richburg

(12-18 January)  Nepali Times: With new airport, Pokhara waits for takeoff, by Ziyu Lin (MJ 2018)

(12-18 January)  Nepali Times: A woof of fresh air, by Ryan Heng Chang (MJ 2018)

(12-18 January)  Nepali Times: Swipe right for extortion, by Ryan Heng Chang (MJ 2018)

(11 January)  Initium Media: 傅景華:AI淘汰人類?末日論以外的另類思考 (In Chinese), by King-wa Fu

(11 January)  Quartz: Singapore will keep jailing people without a trial—but it’ll be more transparent, by Suhas Bhat (MJ 2018)

(10 January)  FTChinese: 数据:中国大城市夜间噪音问题待改善 (In Chinese), by Julianna Wu (MJ 2018)

(8 January)  Sixth Tone: As oil tanker burns, environmentalists raise spill concerns, by Joyce Siu (MJ 2018)

(8 January)  Quartz: The hottest place on Earth this weekend was a suburb of Sydney, by Suhas Bhat (MJ 2018)

(5-11 January)  Nepali Times: Online designers get real, by Ziyu Lin (MJ 2018)

(4 January)  Mizzima: Youth take a break on Independence Day, by Eduard Fernández (MJ 2018)

(4 January)  Sixth Tone: Vintage in vogue: Patriotic ladies revive ‘qipao’ dress, by Joyce Siu (MJ 2018)

(2 January)  Mizzima: Chin women live under a cloud, by Joanne Ma (MJ 2018)