Selected work by HKU Journalism authors


(11 July) CNN: Some Hong Kongers are glorifying a man who knifed a cop, showing the city’s problems are far from over, co-written by Lauren F. Lau (BJ 2022)

(24 June) CNN: Hong Kong’s biggest pro-democracy newspaper closes as Beijing tightens its grip, with reporting by Lauren F. Lau (BJ 2022)

(June) Voice: 消えゆく一国二制度と言論の自由 (In Japanese), by Masato Kajimoto

(31 May) Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Quidditch evolves from Harry Potter into inclusive sport, by Elvis Yu (MJ 2021)

(30 May ) South China Morning Post: Coronavirus: how China is taking a high-stakes bet on vaccine diplomacy in Latin America, by Geoffrey Knoell (MJ 2021)

(19 May) Hong Kong Free Press: Facing up to the challenge: how Hong Kong’s mask manufacturers managed to survive the competition, by Gabriel Fung (BJ 2022) and Shirley Wang (BJ 2022)

(30 April) Business Insider: Why Is Housing In Hong Kong So Expensive?, co-produced by Vanesse Chan (BJ 2021)

(17 April) Foresight: 香港で「逃げ恥」新春SPが急遽放映中止に――揺れる「香港メディア」 (In Japanese), by Masato Kajimoto

(8 April) The Strategist: Beijing’s cancel culture is crushing Hong Kong, by Keith B. Richburg

(15 March) The Economist Intelligence Unit: Flattening the Multimodal Learning Curve: A Faculty Playbook, by Marianne Bray

(13 March) Hong Kong Free Press: Clock ticking on Hong Kong’s landfills amid huge shortfall in recycling, by Geoffrey Knoell (MJ 2021)

(5 March) NBC News: China proposes teaching masculinity to boys as state is alarmed by changing gender roles, co-written by Zixu Wang (MJ 2021) and Xin Chen (MJ 2021)

(25 February) The Telegraph: Myanmar’s hardened Chinese population take stand against Beijing, co-written by William Langley (MJ 2021)

(14 February) Rest of World: The digital afterlife industry is here to help you plan your death, by Marianne Bray

(8 February) South China Morning Post: Thousands take to streets in northern Myanmar as unrest spreads to near Chinese border, by William Langley (MJ 2021)

(28 January) Thomson Reuters Foundation: Hong Kong cooks up lab-grown fish as appetite for ‘clean meat’ rises, by Marianne Bray

(28 January) The Initium: 「完美」生意:我替別人上網課 (In Chinese), co-written by Yuelin Liu (MJ 2021)

(25 January) South China Morning Post: Hong Kong lockdown: experts ask if drastic step needed after only 13 coronavirus cases uncovered; city logs 73 infections, co-written by Thomas Shum (MJ 2021)

(24 January) CNN: She was murdered for catching an Indian priest and nun in a sex act. Three decades later, justice is served, by Rhea Mogul (MJ 2022)

(18 January) The Strategist: Trump talked the talk, but Biden may prove tougher on China, by Keith B. Richburg

(11 January) South China Morning Post: American Chamber of Commerce survey finds businesses in Hong Kong pessimistic about outlook for 2021, by Robbie Hu (MJ 2021)

(6 January) South China Morning Post: China rejects Mike Pompeo’s challenge to its ‘near-Arctic nation’ claim, by William Langley (MJ 2021)

(6 January) South China Morning Post: PLA warplanes made a record 380 incursions into Taiwan’s airspace in 2020, report says, by William Langley (MJ 2021)



(December) The Economist Intelligence Unit: Bridging the digital divide to engage students in higher education, co-written by Marianne Bray

(31 December) Reuters: Hong Kong’s top court puts media tycoon Jimmy Lai back in custody, by Katherine Cheng (MJ 2021)

(30 December) South China Morning Post: Ten Hong Kong fugitives captured at sea jailed up to three years by Shenzhen court, two other underage suspects handed to city’s police, co-written by Thomas Shum (MJ 2021)

(28 December) South China Morning Post: China’s podcasters wary of censors as popularity grows, by William Langley (MJ 2021)

(26 November) Ariana: Media Literacy 101: Tools for combating fake news and disinformation, by Joanne Ma

(16 November) The Strategist: America survives the Trump years, by Keith B. Richburg

(14 November) South China Morning Post: Pope looked anti-Trump by refusing to meet Mike Pompeo, says retired Hong Kong bishop, by William Langley (MJ 2021)

(12 November) Nikkei Asian Review: Renewed China-Vatican deal on bishops sets stage for official ties, by William Langley (MJ 2021)

(30 October) The Strategist: US media shows it’s learned the lessons of 2016 in denying Trump an ‘October surprise’, by Keith B. Richburg

(14 October) Asialink: China feels it no longer needs the foreign media. But it still can’t hide., by Keith B. Richburg

(30 September) Journal of Communication: Specificity, Conflict, and Focal Point: A Systematic Investigation into Social Media Censorship in China, by Yun Tai and King-wa Fu

(19 September) New Media & Society: Speaking up or staying silent? Examining the influences of censorship and behavioral contagion on opinion (non-) expression in China, by Yuner Zhu and King-wa Fu

(15 September) CNN: Hong Kong was once a safe haven from China. Now activists are fleeing the city by boat to Taiwan, co-produced by Vanesse Chan (BJ 2021)

(14 August) The Washington Post: China transformed Hong Kong into a typical mainland city, almost overnight, by Keith B. Richburg

(7 August) Asialink: Asia’s new normal: Curbing press freedom, by Keith B. Richburg

(28 July) Meedan: 2020 Misinfodemic Report: COVID-19 in Emerging Economies, COVID-19 and China’s information control policy, by King-wa Fu

(7 July) CNN: Hong Kong schools told to remove books that violate new law as police powers extended, co-written by Vanesse Chan (BJ 2020)

(6 July ) CNN: First person charged under Hong Kong’s national security law appears in court, co-written by Vanesse Chan (BJ 2020)

(30 May) Los Angeles Times: Deleting Facebook, downloading VPNs: How Hong Kongers are preparing for a draconian law, co-written by Antonia Tang Wai Yin (BJ 2022)

(26 May) Rest of World: Hong Kong’s COVID-19 neighborhood watch, by Marianne Bray

(24 April) Journal of Risk Research: Did the world overlook the media’s early warning of COVID-19?, co-written by King-wa Fu and Yuner Zhu

(3 April) Cambridge University Press: Limited early warnings and public attention to COVID-19 in China, January-February, 2020: a longitudinal cohort of randomly sampled Weibo users, co-written by Yuner Zhu and King-wa Fu

(10 March) Hong Kong Free Press: Trees not car parks – why Hong Kong needs a city-wide ‘greening master plan’, by Chloe Feng (MJ 2020)

(27 February) Thomson Reuters Foundation: How Hong Kong’s social enterprises are tackling the coronavirus, co-written by Marianne Bray

(13 February) Agence France-Presse: The matchmaker of Beijing: Grandfather plays cupid for generations, co-written by Chloe Feng (MJ 2020)

(12 February) Los Angeles Times: Coronavirus outbreak spurs hoarding in Asia, with reporting by Antonia Tang Wai Yin (BJ 2022)

(30 January) Nepali Times: Nepalis caught up in Hong Kong protests, by Will Patterson (MJ 2020)

(28 January) Los Angeles Times: Coronavirus threatens to fuel discontent in Hong Kong, co-written by Antonia Tang Wai Yin (BJ 2022)

(23 January) South China Morning Post: Bird flu, Sars, China coronavirus. Is history repeating itself?, by Keith B. Richburg

(8 January) Nikkei Asian Review: Hong Kong’s port grapples with slow shift to automationby Eduardo Baptista (MJ 2020)

(6 January) South China Morning Post: Anorexia: why Asia isn’t talking about this mental illness, and the survivors and therapists battling ignorance of the eating disorder, by Nina Milhaud (MJ 2020)