How China’s influence is reshaping the landscape of Hong Kong
12 March 2021
Connor Mycroft at Carrie Lam’s Policy Address
7 October 2021

Alysha Bibi at Carrie Lam’s Policy Address

Alysha Bibi, 20, is a Bachelor of Journalism student at HKU Journalism. Alysha is born and raised in Hong Kong, and is pursuing a second major in Computer Sciences.

I am truly honored to have represented HKU Journalism as a student reporter to observe the Chief Executive’s 2021 Policy Address Press Conference.

On the day, I arrived at the Central Government Office one hour early, because I wanted to make sure I was able to settle down as soon as possible. My anticipation and excitement made sense as this was my first time being a part of a press conference, let alone such a grand conference with Hong Kong’s leader as the speaker. I finally got to feel what it was like working alongside other media organizations, reporters, and cameramen. As I sat there reading through the Policy Address booklets and familiarizing myself with the conference, I noticed how quickly the journalists had to set up all their equipment, whilst also competing for the best angle to place their tripods and cameras.

At Carrie Lam’s 2021 Policy Address (©2021 Connor Mycroft)

The focal point of the Policy Address was placed on the future development of Hong Kong, with “Building a Bright Future Together” as the theme. We were introduced to several big initiatives of the government, including policies aimed at increasing the land supply and easing the housing problem. Lam also delved into plans to boost the tourism and tech industries of Hong Kong.

Another interesting thing I got to take away was witnessing the eagerness of the reporters during the Q&A section. Everyone was fighting for the chance to be chosen to question the Chief Executive. Their bravery for not shying away from asking bold and smart questions truly amazed me. It was a reflection on how much work is actually put in analyzing every detail of speech. I remember asking myself, “I wish I had the same courage.” I know I will someday, with more experience and exposure.

A few years ago, I used to watch the press conference on a screen. Now, I finally got to see it in person.

Thank you HKU Journalism!

Alysha Bibi

Alysha was joined at the press conference by Connor Mycroft (HKU Journalism MJ ’22). Read his interview here!