1 March 2016
10 July 2018

China Media Project

The China Media Project leverages the Journalism and Media Studies Centre’s experienced academic staff and extensive contacts with mainland Chinese media, along with its unique position on the doorstep of mainland China, to generate systematic, multi-facted research in the field of Chinese journalism.

Working directly with editors, writers and producers from various media in China, the project documents and analyses the process of media reform in China and the formal and informal factors that influence it. Comparative studies help define areas for further research on the basis of media reform experiences in transitional societies in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

The JMSC established the China Media Project in late 2003. The project is directed by Qian Gang, a veteran Chinese journalist and well-known author of several books on journalism, and Yuen-ying Chan, an award-winning journalist and educator as well as founder and director of JMSC.