31 March 2015

Fighting for the Future of International News

Sennott will share why he believes the ad-supported model is a failure and how he hopes to make GlobalPost/GroundTruth a unique 'hybrid' with a for-profit publishing platform and a non-profit, mission driven arm that produces high-end social justice journalism.
30 March 2015

Hong Kong student stars at US screening of “My Voice, My Life”

A visually impaired student with a lead role in “My Voice, My Life”, a documentary directed by Oscar-winning JMSC lecturer Ruby Yang, has headlined the film’s screening at the Centre for Asian American Media film festival 2015 (CAAMfest) in San Francisco.
26 March 2015

Ways to improve your digital communication outreach

This course is primarily a workshop. Attendees are invited to bring their existing sites to the workshop, so that Darcy Christ can provide detailed ideas on how to improve the effectiveness of the site.
26 March 2015

Developing a Social Media Strategy

This course will prevent ways to use social media, specifically looking at Facebook, which is widely used in Hong Kong. We will also discuss the potential of Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, as well as other networks.
26 March 2015

Advanced WordPress

This workshop will present 10 simple things that all WordPress sites can employ right away, that improve performance and help to establish a more effective communication strategy. These include better use of taxonomies, page caches, social media plugins, child and responsive designed themes.
26 March 2015

WordPress for Beginners

This workshop will help anyone who needs to establish a website to get started quickly and little effort. It will cover how to create a new site, add users, plugins and make basic changes to the themes on WordPress.com.
26 March 2015

Public Speaking

Learn to craft powerful, persuasive and compelling presentations in this interactive workshop. Drawing on neuroscience, storytelling, and a background in academia, improvisation and theatre, acclaimed presenter and award-winning educator, Jeanne Lambin will teach specific strategies to help hone your public speaking and presentation skills.
26 March 2015

Effective Writing for public communication

This course will teach you how to write press releases, public notices and other published material that will get your message across.