An introductory workshop on News Literacy was held in December 2012.

JMSC hosted an introductory workshop on News Literacy in December 2012.

Become a News Literacy Fellow this summer at the University of Hong Kong!

Help pioneer a new course for university students on how to evaluate information coming from the news media!

Work and study with a group of journalists and faculty at Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC), the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and The Center for News Literacy, Stony Brook University.

The one-week immersion course will include a condensed version of News Literacy program developed by Stony Brook University, which has been modified to meet the media ecology in Asia in collaboration with JMSC.

– Your students blog, Tweet, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Weibo… but do your students know how to find reliable information?

We’re looking for university educators in Asia who teach critical thinking to the first generation that lives out loud on social media.

– How will you integrate the news into your lessons next fall?

By joining us August 4-10 at HKU to learn fresh curricula that uses ripped-from-the-headlines examples to teach timeless critical thinking skills.

News Literacy program has been helping educators build critical thinking and citizenship lessons in the United States for the last five summers in intensive and practical workshops. Now we would like to replicate its success in Asia.

– Do your students look for evidence or settle for assertion and rumor?

They don’t settle for assertion and rumor if they learn News Literacy. Two recent studies found that News Literacy students reliably spot imbalanced, undersourced reporting.

Join us for a week of thinking and learning about how your students can sift through the information tsunami to find the facts instead of falling for retweets of junk information, like the “news report” that North Korea delayed the missile test due to a glitch in Windows 8.

– I am interested. How do I apply? How much does it cost?

Seats are limited. The workshop is free and we will be providing room and some meals (breakfast, lunch and a few dinners), but not airfare.

Please contact JMSC for more information (Jean Hyun:, or use the online form below to apply.

The application deadline is June 23, 2013.

Application is now closed.

Thank you.

31 May 2013

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Become a News Literacy Fellow this summer at the University of Hong Kong! Help pioneer a new course for university students on how to evaluate information coming from the news media! Work and study with […]
31 May 2013

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27 May 2013

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21 May 2013

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20 May 2013

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