HK Transparency Report
26 February 2016

Public Health Communication Programme

The mission of this programme is to be the premier centre for research and training in risk communication and health journalism in Asia. We have conducted studies funded by the European Commission on risk communication policies in Asia, and the World Health Organization on communication case studies and outbreak communication planning guidelines. Crisis communication and disaster risk reduction communication are other focus areas. Following the Sichuan earthquake, studies were conducted on the role of the media during disasters such as earthquakes focussing on vulnerable groups such as the disabled.

Current research projects include a White Paper on Strategic Communication focusing on the interface between human and animal health for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The training of health communicators and journalists is another major area of work. In collaboration with the East West Centre, Hawaii, the programme conducted travelling workshops on infectious diseases for journalists from the Asia Pacific and the United States in 2006 and 2007. Workshops for journalists on avian influenza were conducted for the World Health Organization in the Asia Pacific and Africa in 2007.

For details please visit: Public Health Communication Programme Website