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17 July 2012
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23 July 2012

JMSC Books On Show at Hong Kong Book Fair

Two of the JMSC’s books are currently on display at the Hong Kong Book Fair.

The first is the JMSC’s China Media Project book, Reflections from China’s Media Thinkers: A Collection of 13 Talks by Visiting Scholars at HKU. It is published by Hong Kong University Press.

This book is a part of the project’s China Media Book Series.  It is on display at the booth of Cosmos Books, a leading Hong Kong publisher.

The second book is China in Revolution: The Road to 1911. This book was also published by HKU Press with the support of the JMSC.

Reflections from China’s Media Thinkers is a collection of 13 talks by visiting scholars to the JMSC. The talks covered a range of issues and idea by key Chinese media figures and scholars about the mainland media — from newspapers to blogs.

The book was edited by the director of the JMSC, Ying Chan, and Qian Gang, director of the China Media Project.

“These talks, essays, blogs and interviews tackle a wide range of questions,” said David Bandurski, editor of the China Media Project website and frequent commentator on the Chinese media, “such as what is the role of the internet in China today? To what extent does the internet liberate, and to what extent is it controlled? What can history teach us about China’s political future? And what are the prospects for political reform in China?”

“While political control (of the media) is a consistent theme throughout this collection, the work of these writers also illustrates the force and possibility of speech and communication in China today.”

China in Revolution: The Road to 1911 was edited by Liu Heung Shing, a former foreign correspondent and photojournalist for the Associated Press.

Liu assembled historical photographs of China from leading collections around the world. The images cover the era from the Second Opium War, in 1860, to the Boxer Rebellion and wars with Russia and Japan, the outbreak of revolution in 1911, through the rise and fall of Yuan Shikai and the ensuing warlord era.

Liu Heung Shing has written an essay to accompany the book, as have three scholars of revolutionary China — Joseph Esherick of the University of California San Diego, Zhang Haipeng of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Max K.W. Huang of the Academia Sinica. They reflect on the causes, achievements and failures of 1911, and its enduring meaning.

The Hong Kong Book Fair opened on July 18, 2012. Books can be purchased at the fair at a 20% discount.