30 March 2010

Media Organisations Publish JMSC Students’ Journalism

For those of us who know them, it comes as no surprise to discover that JMSC student journalists are having their work published and broadcast by major news organisations in Hong Kong, Mainland China and […]
30 March 2010

VoxAsia: HKU’s Hottest News Site

VoxAsia is Hong Kong University’s hottest news site. It is the brainchild of JMSC Senior Teaching Consultant Diane Stormont and is operated by MJs in the advanced online class JMSC6083. As a former Bureau Chief for […]
29 March 2010

Award-Winning Documentary Maker Fan Lixin talks at HKU

Fan Lixin, the award-winning documentary maker, answered questions about his film Last Train Home at HKU on Monday.
29 March 2010

Creative Writing – Tips from Christian Caryl

Christian Caryl, Muse Magazine Critic-in-Residence, shares some tips on good writing.
29 March 2010

Filmmakers Visit JMSC During Film Festival

Clara Law and Eddie Fong’s innovative films navigate the Chinese diaspora. Their filmography examines this subject with stories and characters traversing continents and blurring societal boundaries. The married director-writer team discussed their work during a March 25 film seminar at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre. They had travelled to Hong Kong from Australia to screen two films at the 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival: Like a Dream and Red Earth.
26 March 2010

JMSC Adopts QR Codes

The JMSC has started using QR codes, which look like a two-dimensional square of barcode, on its posters.
25 March 2010

March 29: Screening — Last Train Home

Mainland-born film director Fan Lixin will show his award-winning documentary Last Train Home (歸途列車) on Monday, March 29 at 12.30pm at HKU’s Main Building Room 103. The film shows one of the world’s largest annual […]
24 March 2010

Freedom of Information in Hong Kong

Chan Pui-king, an honorary lecturer at the JMSC, is, like many investigative journalists, in the business of gathering information.