31 October 2009

The Media Law Project

The Media Law Project is a unique research and training program for journalists, students, academics, media lawyers and others in the communications industry in Hong Kong, mainland China and the region. Without a firm grounding […]
31 October 2009

The JMSC Public Health Communication Programme

The JMSC Public Health Communication Programme was launched in response to the SARS epidemic in 2003. SARS demonstrated the need for journalists as well as health communicators to be adequately trained to report and communicate […]
31 October 2009

Focus Asia Business Leaders

Focus Asia Business Leaders – These television series, produced by JMSC and the School of Business Asia Case Research Centre, have aired on the BBC and ATV. The half-hour episodes profile the work of leading business executives in the region.
29 October 2009

Knowledge Exchange

Creative Commons Hong Kong (CCHK), hosted by the JMSC, is a copyright licence that defines the spectrum of possibilities between full copyright (all rights reserved) and the public domain (no rights reserved). Our licences help […]
28 October 2009

How to Donate to the JMSC Alumni Fund

By cheque - payable to “The University of Hong Kong” and sent to: The Journalism and Media Studies Centre G24 Eliot Hall The University of Hong Kong Pokfulam Hong Kong OR Online at: https://extranet.hku.hk/esdapp/servlet/hku_daao_donation_v3/forminput. Please select "Others" and enter "JMSC Alumni Fund" in the blank box.
24 October 2009

JMSC Forges Professional Links with NHK

JMSC students, graduates and staff help launch NHK's new English-language broadcasts from Hong Kong
24 October 2009

Soros on China: Live Videocast With Q&A Session – Oct 30

The School of Economics and Finance and the JMSC invite you to a live video-telecast: George Soros’s Lecture on The Way Ahead – Comments on China.
24 October 2009

Hong Kong Model United Nations Club Seeks Student Journalists

The Hong Kong Model United Nations Club has launched a special committee for university students reading Communications and Media. It welcomes university students studying journalism, whether as a major or minor, to join the Hong Kong Model United Nations Conference 2010 international conference as reporters.