Many good journalists end up being novelists or non-fiction writers, but few would be brave enough to write a book about a character from the legend of King Arthur and her significance for modern-day feminism and female sexuality.  But one of JMSC’s own has done just that.

kperez_socialmedia_smallKristina Perez, a graduate of the Journalism and Media Studies Centre, has just published “The Myth of Morgan la Fey” about King Arthur’s sister. According to Palgrave Macmillan, the publisher, the book “reveals (Morgan’s) true identity through a comprehensive investigation of the famed enchantress’s evolution – or devolution – over the past millennium and its implications for gender relations today.”

“I’ve had a lifelong love affair with Morgan la Fey,” said Perez. “I first started reading the Arthurian legends when I was 13 and more than either King Arthur or Lancelot, it was always Morgan who captivated me. She was more powerful than the king himself and it was her story I wanted to tell.”

“My training as a journalist was an enormous benefit to me when approaching the research I had done for my PhD, breaking it down and rewriting it to reach both a specialist and generalist audience,” she said.

Perez has a PhD in Medieval Literature from the University of Cambridge in the UK. Her journalistic work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal Asia, Condé Nast Traveler, CNN, and the South China Morning Post, among other publications.

26 March 2014

JMSC Alum Publishes New Book on King Arthur’s Legends

Many good journalists end up being novelists or non-fiction writers, but few would be brave enough to write a book about a character from the legend of King Arthur. But one of JMSC’s own has done just that.
3 September 2013

New Book on Beijing by JMSC Alum Published

Beijing: The City of Changes (Swedish title: Peking- Förändringarnas stad), a book by JMSC alumnus Jojje Olsson (MJ, 2010), was released on September 3 by the Stockholm-based publishing house Laurella & Wallin förlag. The book, which is initially being […]
31 July 2013

JMSC Alum Joins JMSC Professor to Report on Afghanistan

“If I was with the Taliban now, and I saw you … I would kill you.” According to Abdul Matin Sarfraz (MJ, 2013), these words were spoken to him in July by a former fighter […]
29 July 2013

JMSC to Play Major Role at IB World Student Conference

JMSC faculty members, alums and students will be playing major roles in the upcoming IB World Student Conference, which is to be held at The University of Hong Kong next month. The conference, which will bring secondary students from […]
22 July 2013

Fresh JMSC Grads Parlay Newly Minted Skills and Internships into Jobs

Several newly minted graduates from the Journalism and Media Studies Centre have parlayed the skills and internship experiences they acquired during their studies into jobs at media organisations in Hong Kong. Vicky Kung (BJ, 2013) […]
20 May 2013

Career Decisions – The Phnom Penh Post

The JMSC’s Careers and Internships department will periodically profile a regional media outlet as part of a series aimed at helping JMSC alumni with career decisions.   Every summer, journalism students leave the JMSC with […]
2 May 2013

Two JMSC Alumni Win National Press Photographers Association Awards

JMSC alumni Alex Hofford (MJ, 2012) and Daniel Goodman (MJ, 2011) have both won awards from the National Press Photographers Association. Alex Hofford, who is the European Pressphoto Agency’s Chief Representative in Hong Kong, won […]
11 February 2013

Journalism Programme Lauded as JMSC Celebrates 14 Years

The University of Hong Kong is proud of its journalism programme and is committed to supporting it and helping it grow, says Deputy Vice Chancellor Roland Chin. He made the pledge recently at a gathering of HKU’s journalism alumni, hosted by HKU Vice Chancellor Lap-Chee Tsui and Professor Ying Chan, founding director of the Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC).