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The Amazing Race: An Exhilarating Workout For Mind and Body

Amazing Race In Action

Eight questions; eight answers to be deduced from the information presented in the exhibits and collections of the Hong Kong Science Museum. The task for the 300 students present on each of the two overnight science camps organised by the University of Hong Kong: navigate the four-storey museum and answer each question in turn.
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Workshops Provide a Taste of Hands-on Scientific Enquiry


School students attending the overnight camp at the Science Museum undertook a series of hands-on experiments under the watchful eyes of University of Hong Kong (HKU) professors and senior students. See what they got up to.
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Icebreaker Challenge: Take This Spaghetti and Marshmallow …


The organisers of the first overnight science camp to be held in a Hong Kong museum wasted no time in getting their school student charges to think -- and to engage in a bout of teamwork with some unusual ingredients.
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A Fieldtrip Like No Other – Overnight at the Hong Kong Science Museum

CSI: Budding forensic scientists

An unprecedented overnight science fair draws to a successful close; 600 teens experience HKU-run camp featuring invention, exploration and discovery over two sessions a week apart.
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Video Wrap: Nightcamp2


View the highlights of the November 18 nightcamp in this video wrap.
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More from Nightcamp2

Video Wrap: Nightcamp1

girls at night

View the highlights of the November 11 maiden launch in this three minute video.
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Science and Insomnia: Overnight at the Museum – Nightcamp1

Hands on experience

The Science Museum opened its doors after dark for an extraordinary all-night festival of science and technology!

Senior school...
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The Amazing Race: A Close Fought Battle – Nightcamp1

Is there an answer here?

The Amazing Race kicked off at one o'clock in the morning and pitted school team against school team for...
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Congratulations to St Paul’s Secondary School! – Nightcamp1

School Badge 2

St Paul's Secondary School scored a double triumph by winning both the Icebreaker Challenge and the Amazing Race at...
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Welcome & The Icebreaker Challenge – Nightcamp1


Professor Paul Cheung of the University of Hong Kong's Engineering Department welcomed participants to the inaugural overnight camp at...
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More from Nightcamp1

Engineering Workshops


Workshop: Egg Drop (E2)

Students worked out how to drop an egg from a height without cracking the shell - with a bit of guidance from the Engineering Department's Xu Li.


Workshop: Real Angry Birds (E5)

Bringing a phone app to life proved a hit when it came to understanding the laws of physics needed to flatten those evil egg-stealing pigs.


Workshop: iPhone Control Drone (E3)

A novel use for the iPhone or iPod: as a remote control for a flying drone. A fun way of absorbing some basic engineering principles.


Workshop: Passion Meter (E4)

Participants found out just how deep their teenage passions run by constructing a device to measure skin impedance -- a test psychologists use to objectively evaluate emotion.

Science Workshops


Workshop: Glowing in the Dark (S3)

Working in the dark, students sought to distinguish between different minerals by their natural...


Workshop: The Sky at Night (S5)

Students experienced true darkness -- and what the sky really looks like when the...


Workshop: Games and The Mathematical Mind (S1)

Participants applied game theory -- and Zermelo's Theorem in particular -- to games such...

The Ice Cream Experiment

Workshop: You Scream, I Scream, We All Sceam Icecream (S7)

Students discovered the scientific principles behind making ice cream -- and ate their experiments.

Video Wrap: Nightcamp2

A Night at the Science Museum -- JMSC.

Highlights: Nightcamp2 on November 18-19, 2011


Audio-Visual Reports