OpenGov Project


The OpenGov Project is an invaluable resource for researching and understanding government transparency and accountability. The project focuses on documentation, editorial commentary, and advocacy for “open data” through providing training, case studies, data repositories, and articles on accessing government information.

Knowledgeable citizen-users. Greater access to government information (OGI) will help create a more informed and engaged citizenry. In an era in which information is primarily disseminated and consumed online, it is essential that lawfully public information be readily accessible to all. Just as important, citizen-users should have an understanding of the privacy issues that arise as information is published and circulates online.

Healthier government. Improved access to public information and familiarity with the issues surrounding its consumption and dissemination are key components to a more transparent and accountable government. Better access to information promotes informed dialogue and trust between a citizenry and its government. Open data significantly contributes to the knowledgeable public engagement that shapes a healthier government.

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